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    With the permission of the SAPR, we would like to occupy a single territory in South America as a refueling station for our trade fleets. Would this be acceptable to the SAPR?
    Do you want to join ChristosIOT I? If yes, then I will PM you with the areas that are open for claiming.
    That's weird? I have 85 PM slots open ATM, don't believe I have you blocked, and do have the option to accept PMs turned on.

    I'll check my settings, but I think you should be good...

    I didn't get it though.
    Mafia Wars first in the small game queue, so you can either pass, open sign-ups, or go to the bottom of the queue. Give me your response before you do anything, please.
    Any chance I can get in on Small Town Story? I saw that is has started, but I was just wondering if I could get in if someone dropped out or something...I have not played a mafia game before but this one looked recently started and simple so I thought I would try.
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