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    [NFP] Is this the most annoying bug in the game?

    I dont even know what the bug it is youre talking about. Guess it aint that annyoing. The bug that caused my screen to keep scrolling was annoying.
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    The problems with city centres...

    Too much rambling, i didnt get your metaphors and have no idea what youre talking about.
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    Whatever else happens... we need to talk about unintentional diplomatic victory (UDV)

    I would like if people stopped acting like just because they think something it must have value. The guy says he builds obviously diplo focused wonders and clearly has enough favor to win world votes. Hes trying. He just doesnt think he is. Hes trying or the difficulty is too easy. He could...
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    Collated list of remaining issues

    Slow down killers. Religion passive pressure does not need to be increased. You should have to play the game to get religions spreading, so you should spend faith, move units, choose who to convert. I can make exception for belief choices as if the player wants to sacrifice a religious...
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    How to counter The Zulu and Mongols

    How can anyone answer you? No one knows the details of your game. How can anyone tell you how the zulu got so much tech? All the ways in which you could have defended from those two civ joint attacking are in the 50 to 100 turns prior. Maybe you pissed someone or both of them off. Maybe you...
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    Losing all the civs

    The civ7 will be a brand new game. All the civs will be different. If the next civ game has the same exact roster with the same bonuses and game mechanics etc then you might have a point. They put in work to make a new rome then why shouldnt they charge us for it?
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    Favorite Great People?

    Nothing personal but it defeats the purpose of these lists when we list every possibility.... I dont remember their names. But the great generals and admirals that give a free unit stand out. Its a fun bonus that gives the player options and something to play around. Getting that free...
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    Joint war: What's the point?

    "Things are too peaceful in this game." Ok so lets go fight someone bro. "No"
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    Civ VI is done. So how does Civ V look in comparison?

    Whats funny is the game kind of does that for you through that golden age historical records that highlight all your firsts etc. But seriously, what you desribe is a player creation. Theres nothing about civ 6 preventing an historical narrative unfolding in the players mind. My own "little...
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    [NFP] Is Civ 6 doomed?

    Listen to these overly dramatic naysayers. Theres things wrong with the game but lol not as bad as people here are trying to claim. Doomed? Wow. So many fun additions like governors, districts, 1 upt, religion, information and aethetics visible from the world map. It wasnt enough like civ...
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    Military Emergency After One Turn: A Recipe for Ragequits

    This thread is reoccurring. Its the same old thing. Im all for them repaying you for damages but when you take over their cities, especially the capital lol, then you are no different at that point. You can rename it however you want to"punishment" for them attacking you. Whos to say they...
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    Where are spies held

    No man left behind even at the cost of all men.
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    The Great Unknown

    That space right there where the mountains surrounds the land.
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    [NFP] Everyone loves me - in every game

    Sounds like its not an ai thing but a difficulty thing. Players have the most of everything and wonder why they dictate the show.
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    Whatever else happens... we need to talk about unintentional diplomatic victory (UDV)

    Sounds like its not accidental and more like you pursue it more than you realize. You lost me at building statue of lib to deny diplo victory. You must be really ahead if you build useless wonders just to deny your opponents. Do you also take over all the capitals to ensure no one else does?
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