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    The RPG is dying.....

    i agree, but just change a few things.
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    stPLXNES2: Europa

    With tensions in Britain rising, the King would have to put off his grand plans once again Scotland- Train Army Expand in Norway
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    stPLXNES2: Europa

    Scotland's Status Ruler: John I of Innermeath Army: Medium/ Navy: Medium/Sailors Religion: Devoutly Catholic Government: Monarchy with an influential clan system Economy: Growing from trade Confidence: Excited about growth Education: Rudimentary Location: Scotland, various islands...
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    stPLXNES2: Europa

    ---SCOTLAND--- The nation of Scotland had already changed much since John had ascended the throne. A standing army had been created, a navy constructed, and sweeping changes in the government. Scottish Orders- Train sailors Drill army Expand in Norway Send diplomats around known...
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    stPLXNES2: Europa

    Is she ugly?
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    stPLXNES2: Europa

    ---Scotland--- John saw how Europe was changing into great empires, and he had a vision for Scotland to be one of the great powers. To do this, he sent Scottish diplomats all around the meditteranean (sp) and as far away as Moscow to learn about and from other nations. Soon Universities would...
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    stPLXNES2: Europa

    Scoooootland The most powerful clans had planned for the king to be a temporary solution and a permanent figurehead, but King John was doing so many things with such energy that no one told him about this. He seemed to be everywhere at once. Whether entertaining foreign diplomats, directing...
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    stPLXNES2: Europa

    'Proud Scottish Diplomacy' *Bagpipes* The diplomat clears his throat and begins to speak in a thundering and lofty Highland tone. "Mercia- We thank you for stopping trying to settle in our lands and we request a military alliance or some sort of agreement. Thank you for time."...
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    stPLXNES2: Europa

    'Proud Scotland' The news came rather slowly and in bits and pieces, but eventually it became evident that Mercia had stopped trying to settle in Scottish lands. This information provided an excuse to have great parties all across the highlands. Scottish Orders- -establish sovereignty...
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    Should we change the character thingy?

    hey, uh, i havent been active in this RPG but you might remember me from the last one. i would love to see the player thing back. i wouldnt want to join if my character might die tomorow with no heirs.
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    stPLXNES2: Europa

    'Proud Scotland' Ruler: John of Innermeath Army: Tiny/Farmers Navy: Tiny/Sailors Religion: Saxon Mythology Government: Monarchy Economy: Stable Confidence: Alright Education: Rudimentary Start: Everyone knows where Scotland is! Bio: Hundreds of Scots showed up at a great meeting...
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    New Fanatikan Football League

    whatever happened to the league?
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    FFA Fanatikan Football Association

    damn. the demons arent doing so great.
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    Character Stats - Registry and Rules

    defence and horsemanship
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    Monumental Fund - Tower of Karachi and donations

    i will donate 800 gold to this monumental cause
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