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    Firaxis says there will be no rioting in Civ4. I WILL NOT BUY IT IF THIS IS TRUE.

    Awww, c'mon, guys! I haven't been THAT bad, now, have I? :D Suffice it to say that I have seen the Civ 4 prototype and it is awesome. All the discussion here is great -- but for every post that's dead-on, there are 4 or 5 that are misguided or jumping to conclusions. But you won't get...
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    NEW! Civ 3 release date: 10/5/2004... Say what?!?!

    I can neither confirm nor deny any announcement about my candidacy. :crazyeye: Actually, marketing has way too many parallels with politics for my taste. Consider this: - First you appeal to your fan base who already plan to "vote" for your game by buying it. - Then you broaden your...
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    NEW! Civ 3 release date: 10/5/2004... Say what?!?!

    Ummmm... I'm going to conveniently ignore the question for the moment, and answer it within a few weeks. What I will say is... don't get too excited about it. It is NOT the release date for Sid Meier's Pirates!. It is NOT a new Civ 3 expansion nor anything that the Civ 3 fan community...
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    Civilization 4

    Sheesh! And these are my fans? :) I should mention that Computer Gaming World's pipeline is not based on any information that either Firaxis or Atari has released, and that we have not officially announced anything regarding Civ 4 short of that initial work is underway. As to the...
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    Pirates! first look over at Gamespy

    You saw the IGN article as well? And the second GameSpy article? What about the Computer Games magazine 8-page article? There will be at least one more online article before the end of the month. Then our website will go up for the game. And the fan forums are starting to buzz. I just...
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    Are "Civ" players also "Pirates!" players?

    Wouldn't that be the Dream Job? Or so one would think. I admit that I did have the opportunity to play early versions of Civ Conquests at work in small doses -- no use marketing a product if you don't understand it -- but no, the only people who regularly play a game like Civ3 at work are in...
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    Will there be another expansion after C3C?

    Bwahahaha... You forgot the first person shooter mode so you can fight each spearman on tank battle yourself. And that when you get to the Age of Sail it drops you right into the middle of a game of Pirates!. And hey, let's make it 3D and pack some blue and red glasses with each box. Oh...
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    Do you think firaxis ever reads the threads?

    Hi everyone, It's not just a PR move... it helps that before I joined Atari I was a Civ 3 player and frequented these boards all the time to improve my game. I love to read through the forums and pick up the occasional tip to add to my game. Besides, even though we have over a million...
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    Are "Civ" players also "Pirates!" players?

    Thank you all for your responses! (And keep 'em coming!) This has been VERY helpful. I've read through every single comment -- and passed along a few as well. Despite the self-selecting bias of this poll, I was very surprised to see how many people are in the Yes camp, for whatever reason --...
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    plz help, wanna buy the trial version

    Hi folks, As I wrote in the other linked thread, I just wanted to confirm that yes, we do have downloadable try-and-buy versions of Civ 3 out on peer-to-peer sharing networks such as Kazaa, and SLUGfly is a perfect example of someone who can benefit from this arrangement, since he does not...
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    Serial Code

    Hi guys, I just wanted to jump in here and confirm that yes, we do have try-and-buy versions of Civ 3 available in the various peer-to-peer networks such as Kazaa. After about an hour of play, you can unlock a fully installed copy of the game via credit card. They represent a small part of...
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    Difficulty Level You Play At?

    Emperor (in the middle of a tough one right now), and hoping to move up to Demigod shortly.
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    Are "Civ" players also "Pirates!" players?

    Hello, folks! Jeff, your friendly neighborhood brand manager here. I hope you've been enjoying your time with Civ III lately -- especially for those of you who've already picked up Civ Conquests. Some of you may already be aware of the Next Big Project to leave Firaxis's doors... Sid...
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    Women playing civ

    Hi folks, IIRC, the last time I looked at the Civ 3 registration data, the split was something like 80% men, 10% women, and 10% "no answer." 10% may not sound like much, but when you consider that number is like 2-3% for "hardcore gamer" games like Unreal Tournament, it's actually quite...
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    Happy Birthday Jeff_Atari!

    Why, thank you, all! Yes, I've been celebrating my birthday and bits and pieces over the week. Starting with a large crowd watching the Patriots win, then a nice dinner earlier this week, and capping it off with a week-long vacation starting tomorrow. My dad sent me a great birthday...
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