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Jan 9, 2021
Sep 25, 2009
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Jan 9, 2021
    1. CivOasis
      Hey, the SG for my planned RP has gotten updated, mind putting your 2 cents in?
    2. JohannaK
      Really, I'm not Machiavelli, I'd for sure fail in my attempts to seize power, although I'm quite sure that mine could be more successful than christos' was as my theory is that he failed because of imprudence and precipitation as well as bad planning.

      In LotJ it is obvious that christos is a mad warmonger who can't get nowhere near power without losing all credibility and allies (who he would kill once in power to ensure no one steals it from him):rolleyes:
    3. JohannaK
      I prefer to join games just when they start. It's easier then to advance without the effort that an already developed game as GaP would surely require. Besides, I don't think I would get to overthrow you or anybody, I'm far to inexperienced to try to do so.

      But, who knows? Maybe I'll join one of these days, once I do have a plan. :mwaha:
      OK, because in AP World History I was learning about the Reformation and for a writing assignment I decided to do some research on the council of Trent, clicked links, found the Jesuit's page, and thought, hey, that's Jehoshua's avatar.
      Are you a member of the Society of Jesus?
    7. JohannaK
      Well well well, I was just wishing you good luck with next semester, I understood you had problems in some classes you weren't focusing in enough.
    8. JohannaK
      Well then, hope you pass all exams.
    9. JohannaK
      I invite you to join the Guild in Land of the Free now that you're not gonna be in LotJ anymore :sad:(what a pity, I was looking forward to take my revenge :lol:)
    10. Civleader
      It has been corrected
    11. mayor
      I just did ;)
    12. Jehoshua
      ooc: actually I wont. How am I supposed to find you if you just post on the thread. Its not as if some clarion call resounds to the heavens proclaiming your on 4D or something.
    13. christos200
      ooc: I cant. If i post in the thread you will find me.
    14. JohannaK
      Thanks for your advice. I did already have thought of some minor goals, just in case, but the Grand Strategy was left to just pushing you off the throne or seat or wherever you are sitting on, especially if your on top of the temples' stairs :p

      Man, I like this conversation, it is quite agile and well, it's helping to get me back into shape: for a long time I haven't had such an interesting chat.
    15. JohannaK
      Of course I would, but after some time, I'm more for long-term planned actions.
    16. JohannaK
      Indeed... You know? NOW I really do want to beat you, before I only thought of surviving.
      Just Watching Tambien's public messages I started to think of you as a... well, I won't write any kind of insults here, so I'll keep my fingers occupied in something else than tapping a keyboard.
    17. JohannaK
      Sorry, as you said, I'm fairly new to this kind of games...
      Good luck on your challenge against me.

      PS: For me I wish only better luck than yours :)
    18. dot80
      You yourself toiled! I have a strategy...
    19. Tambien
      Tis ok. I thought you would say that. And I am interested in an alliance between our two houses in The Law of the Jungle.
    20. Tambien
      You should join the Land of the Free as a member of the Eminently Logical Party of America.
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