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Jan 9, 2021
Sep 25, 2009
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Jan 9, 2021
    1. GhostWriter16
      You should vote for me...

      (Links in my signature)
    2. GhostWriter16
      In other news, do you have an opinion on the CFC Election?
    3. GhostWriter16
      No it is not. Although every living thing has a soul, humans are unique thus far as we know in that they have an IMMORTAL soul. With animals the soul also dies with the animal.

      Yes I know, I was kidding, but yeah, I don't believe animals will go to Heaven either... though I have heard some think that God will create new ones there.

      However naturally one need not be concerned about not seeing their pets again. If one achieves the beatific vision one would be immersed in a perfect love and not require the comfort of their pets. If they are in hell... well you wouldn't be caring for anythign would you.

    4. GhostWriter16
      Are you telling me "All Dogs Go To Heaven" isn't a theologically sound movie?:p

      (Then again, if ALL Dogs went to Heaven, would they really need last rites? Plus I've never seen that movie;))
    5. GhostWriter16
      I feel bad for you. Would it be appropriate to ask if you made sure your dog got last rites?:p

      Kidding of course, and I'm patient, I just wanted to make sure.
    6. GhostWriter16
      I will officially join Government and politics as soon as I find the time.

      For the record, just making sure but you did get the PM I sent a few days ago right?
    7. NinjaCow64
    8. arya126
      RP quest in 10 minutes or so.
    9. Arakhor
      So I see. ;)
    10. Arakhor
      *cough* I'm Arakhor, not Ajidica. :)
    11. ShadowNX
      Cool, do that. I'll follow up :)
    12. ShadowNX
      Hmmm, how about she does not yet know that her father had made arrangements before his death for them both as we discussed. You are in the Capital and announced it, but both the children does not know it or only your son knows but will not inform her until you return to the City.

      I just finished reading book 2 of Fool's Gold and drawn inspiration from it. I have it stuck in my mind that she is a bit willful, independent and not prone to follow tradition. :P
    13. ShadowNX
      Only if you want too, i left it there in case you wanted too, but i just remembered you are in the Capital, so one of your sons will have to receive them.
    14. GhostWriter16
      I just noticed that you do know someone who's name is Civleader as well...
    15. ShadowNX
      Done and Sent
    16. juKar-C
      I wouldn't say oust merely step down but I was just asking you.
    17. Lighthearter
      Apparently, the Christos fight begins now.
    18. GhostWriter16
    19. juKar-C
      Yeap, doing it, thats why it took me so long lol
    20. Red_Spy
      Hello, unless you have to currently be a civilian, I need an invite for the Government and Politics Social Group. Thanks.
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