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Oct 4, 2020
Sep 25, 2009
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Oct 4, 2020
    1. spryllino
      I don't mind at all if you do want to switch without closing loose ends; in fact, I wouldn't say it was a particularly good thing to pigeonhole the next player, or NK as NPC-controller, into following a policy of uncomfortable compromise unless they want to. :p As you like, but don't let me keep you from switching while others snap up all the juicy countries!
    2. spryllino
      You may consider the agreement, as it were, hashed out with my ambassadors and returned to my court, but still awaiting my seal.
    3. spryllino
      I want to check with NK that this won't have any drastically disastrous consequences first, and I'm not going to hurry the proclamation.
    4. Double A
      Double A
      Did you put a yellow jacket in my shirt so it sting me?
    5. Angst
      :) It's heavily inspired by Byzantine chant and, in extension, modern drone, but it's less of a narrative than in Orthodox singing and more of a tonal expression and self-absorbment. I imagine it further as being more theatrical than the very retracted Byzantine chant (where people are basically robed all-black and in line; in Iralliam I imagine the chant as being more moving, theatrical and sonic than, eh, stale (I'm lacking a neutrally laden descriptor right now and have to go, so I'm going with the word 'stale' -- like statues or something)
    6. Ailedhoo
      Say Jeho: fancy playing a Roman senator? ;)

      Your plots will be great for this game! :D
    7. NinjaCow64
      I would, but this first year at Uni is keeping me extremely busy I'm afraid. I'll try to make time for his next game. :)
    8. KaiserElectric
      Okay then, is it possible that I can just mention a representative?
    9. KaiserElectric
      Hey Jeho. I'm going to write a story in IOT XIV, and I wanted to include a formal dinner where your monarch Mikhail I is invited as a minor plot detail. Incredibly unimportant to the story I admit, but I wanted to check with you first.
    10. Terrance888
      Huh. So what does that make me in your list of three?
    11. Mosher
      Hey jeho! Sone recently started an IOT I think you might be interested in - Peshawar Lancers, if you're familiar with the book. There are a bunch of Italian nations open, and they're all Catholic (except Naples, I think?) so I thought of you.
      That's the thread, if you're interested. I haven't played a game with you in it for a while, and it'd be cool to have you in the game - some interesting power dynamics are already appearing in western Asia.
    12. Bulldog Bats
      Bulldog Bats
      Thank you for the article. I will have to read it again, and go through the citations in greater detail.

      Every time I have tried to bring this view up, it I run into a brick wall. I have been doing reading of the Bible, not only as a religious text, but a historical one. My thought was not so much that his followers would rise up, but that Jesus himself would rise up and lead the revolution. As the Jewish messiah, that would be his role.
    13. CivOasis
      Because you participated in either CityIOT or its Redux, you are being invited/encouraged/requested to join a new game in the same vein.
    14. Double A
      Double A
      Tany says that most people in Soufrica are native religions, but there are significant Christian minorities.
    15. Grandkhan
      its almost like you don't trust me not to lose my mind and declare war on the Scandies out of spite or something. :p
      Don't worry, I hate every side so much that my entire foreign policy is based around maintaining my neutrality and I have no intents of changing that up :)
    16. Grandkhan
      I'd rather not alienate the potential winners of a war by writing them off just yet. :p Besides, I won't have to worry about firing warning shots across the bows of the Scandinavians every other day if the Imperials win, so eh. Its one of those bridges I will burn when I get to it. :p
    17. Tani Coyote
      Tani Coyote

      I'm portraying the Catholic Church as a bastion of science and reason (declaring evolution to be factual in the 1860s no less) in RoR, so I was curious. Besides evolutionary theory, are there any other areas the Catholic Church sharply disagrees with Biblical literalism? :p
    18. christos200
      You really should not have betrayed me in IOT CoI.
    19. Circuit
      I hardly ever bother to write a response unless I really, really feel like I have to, so I'm fine just leaving it.
    20. Terrance888
      Basic decency? What do you mean, exactly.
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