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Jan 9, 2021
Sep 25, 2009
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Jan 9, 2021
    1. Terrance888
      Posted on my own wall on accident. Also, posted your post in #nes and everyone else agreed with my interpretation, which may include NK but I don't remember.
    2. Terrance888
      I thought you want us to apply sticks and carrots on NK, not that NK needs to apply sticks and carrots. Reread your message and see for yourself.
    3. Terrance888
      It appears you need a bigger stick up yours. North King is one of the best mods on the forum, and EoE is one of the best games on the forum. The Player-Moderator trust at this moment is somewhere in the altitude of Alpha Centauri. Your suggestions are appreciated but not needed whatsoever.
    4. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      eh, the Muslims will be fighting each other :3
    5. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      We need a Pope to bring a Renaissance to the True Faith :3
    6. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      C'mon, give IB5 a shot. It'd be an interesting challenge :3
    7. Sonereal
      Huzzah. I was worried about everybody's kid becoming more or less like one character. Will remove squireship from your youngest.
    8. HorseshoeHermit
      No. The SMP is a nationalistic party, and we see little common ground other than the unjust weakening of the existing majority government.
    9. Celticfury
      You'd have to ask RS about these things, since he is playing Marie Coupe-Perot. I'm playing the eldest son. He did say he'd be posting today, I believe.
    10. Crezth
      It turns out that I was the one who missed the point, so no worries.
    11. dot80
      I was hoping for tonight, but if I don't get all the orders I'll wait until tomorrow night.
    12. JohannaK
      Nothing that wont disappear with a hand of paint.
    13. JohannaK
      Of course. :p
      I will thus have 2 kinds of fighters, both whit the exact same specs. I find it to be hilarious.
    14. JohannaK
      Your Storno is better than my P21. And anything barely modern is far beyond Adjuuran means. So I will take this squad. Can Il Papa build any fairly obsolescent bombers or CAS squads for the poor Adjuuran Air Force?
    15. JohannaK
      How many Stornos do you have?
    16. filli_noctus
      Can you reinvite me to the tapb group so I can unsubscribe?
    17. christos200
      This is realpolitik and democracy is absolute. Otherwise, I would have killed off all those Socials. But since democracy is absolute, it does not pay off.

      Also, shall we build workers in Rio?
    18. christos200
      Do not be afraid. The gulags and assassinations were just jokes.
    19. arya126
      Should be 3 archers in a row, not 2 in the build orders I think.
    20. Civleader
      Which makes this a tough decision. I have decided to not change the result. We will keep to Morocco.
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