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Mar 7, 2022
Sep 25, 2009
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Mar 7, 2022
    1. Civleader
      Hmm,you put me in a tough position. I would love to switch your vote over to England but... I feel it would be unfair to the Morocco supporters. I can see how it would be the majority, but you had your chance to vote for the civilization you wanted. Let me weigh the balance for both sides (I'll have a lot of time to think on an airplane) and come back with my decision.
    2. christos200
    3. christos200
      But, I am not the one who will run for Chief of Rio? What should I post instead? And how this breaks party discipline?

      You could have posted that pur party monimates me as Chief of Rio, but since you did not do that, I had to do it.
    4. filli_noctus
      Was typing as you posted
    5. dot80
      Ha, it's definitely worth it when everyone is rushing to make their comments. Interest in the game is motivation to a GM.
    6. dot80
      I hope my reservations haven't dissuaded you from playing, I only wish to preserve the game. Realpolitiks aren't GaP afterall and are more about fair competition then political intrigue. Obviously you prove a competent player of any game and will certainly stir up competition (your first two posts in the thread have already done so).
    7. dot80
      3rd rule. I have the right to veto any actions and control who plays the game. Based upon that rule I'm not required to allow anything I think will be harmful to the game. Now, the game is for the players and I think your proposal is good for at least starting up controversy and creating new political divisions, as such I will allow it. I think it would just be better for everyone involved if you agree to checking the Dissolve Government power in some way now, but for your motion to be passed you will require the majority of the players to support your proposal anyway. If you can do that then they will have effectively sealed their own fate when it comes to a tyrannical emperor. In any case they could lpropose a similar change in government later that would limit/remove the Emperor and your only defense would be assassinations and NPC propaganda.
    8. christos200
      I think that I have managed to persuade Terran to join your party. Also, a welcome to our party post in the thread to confirm my joining would be good.
    9. christos200
      Ok. I will join the Autocrats.
    10. christos200
      Do not post a reply to Terran's speech in the thread. I am trying to persuade him to join your Party.
    11. christos200
      I will first wait for Terran to reply to my PM.
    12. christos200
      I will think about it.
    13. christos200
      I am thinking of trying to persuade Terran to merge our parties.
    14. Symphony D.
      Symphony D.
      I am genuinely impressed at that post. Good work.
    15. christos200
      The Speech in Capto was meant to be to the Party, not to the entire world.
    16. qoou
    17. christos200

      You should free Afghanistan and Central Asia and stop oppressing the Muslims.

      - Al Qaeda

      This was found in the body of a dead Mongol soldier.
    18. CivOasis
    19. GhostWriter16
      By "Last moments" do you mean before death, or are you talking about repentence after death? Because I could read that a couple of ways.

      Of course an atheist could still repent in this life, I don't think its possible to repent after you're dead but I don't know what your Church teaches on that. I know the Orthodox say it can and has been done...

      Invincible Ignorance, wouldn't you still have to believe in a Creator for that to "Work" with Catholic theology though? I mean the Bible does say that everyone is endowed with the knowledge of a creator.
    20. GhostWriter16
      I more had in mind the "THe Lord has redeemed everyone part" but I guess you could believe that just by believing unlimited atonement without being a universalist.
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