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May 4, 2021 at 3:55 AM
Sep 25, 2009
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Jehoshua was last seen:
May 4, 2021 at 3:55 AM
    1. Patriotic_Fool
      Thanks, it is good to be back. I harbor no ill feelings towards you, and I hope we'll make the game fun together.
    2. ShadowNX
      Wow that's a lotta reading there, let me see how far i can get today in catching up :D
    3. ShadowNX
      Yo m8, long time no chat :)

      Anything of interest happening where a extra player might be needed?
    4. Immaculate
      I am continually very impressed by your ability to write as the Holy See.

      Ever watch Borgia? Whenever i read your stuff i think of the Borgia pope.
    5. Tani Coyote
      Tani Coyote
      36 hours or so?
    6. Thorvald of Lym
      Thorvald of Lym
      Please direct all game-related negotiations to the respective game.
    7. NinjaCow64
      OCC: Meh, you're right, I'll lift it.
    8. NinjaCow64
      IC: He threatened to cut people's tounges off because he got annoyed at me. Whoever you've got running your client doesn't deserve to be in charge of a stick, let alone a country.

      OOC: No offense Alied. :)
    9. Aaronius
      Thanks for the tip about where to find games.
    10. Daedwartin
      yes, i do.
      OOC: damn at least 5 characters needed to send a message requirement.
    11. Patriotic_Fool
      Hello! Jehoshua, we may have had our differences in the past, but I would really be honored if you were to join my humble IOT. It will be lots of fun, so why not check it out?

    12. CivOasis
      You are still missing information for CityIOT, please check thread for what is missing.
      You were aware, but this is just a blanket announcement.
    13. CivOasis
      Works for me.
    14. CivOasis
      That works. Just go ahead and elaborate upon them a bit (IE, how restrictive is the school, etc..). Keep in mind you're a bit limited on funds for all of the startup, so I'd suggest either making it clear where you're going to be getting funding from, or starting loose and becoming a bit more quality-oriented in later turns (when you turn a profit)
    15. CivOasis
      Seminary of Sacred law is a school, and the citadel is a... police force/guard-ish thing?
    16. NinjaCow64
      My pleasure. :)
    17. Tani Coyote
      Tani Coyote
      You misread; I meant he got 4 provinces including the Romnopolis strip. :p
    18. Tani Coyote
      Tani Coyote

      Leaving a note here before I forget. The reason your Philippine claims were voided was because only 10 armies were available for use, not the full 15. :p
    19. GenMarshall
      Exams sappin mah time :eek:, (PM response should be in the box)
    20. Tani Coyote
      Tani Coyote
      California! Take it back from the far left secularists! :p

      Even has a perfect 10 provinces!
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