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  • Well, we could go to the administration and ask whether we could create a thread for expert to introduce or explain their ideas and knowledge sharing about create and customizing.
    The last time on the unit creation and customization forum that i make you and me myself screwed up by the forum member, sorry.
    well i played it 5 years ago. i was a big fan of that game. but i conquered the world so many times i got tired. i think it was invasio barbarorum, but i modpacked the game myself (like usually) and brought in the finest units i found on the site.
    as regarding to ares i think this should be a thread in the creation and customization forum and not a private discussion, so designers would ask what they should create or getting something explained and than the whole community would step in and throw ideas or time specialists would gather from universities, since this is a forum well vivited, and universities means future for the game and modpacking, and also a huge import of specialist were i or you could change some words, and even learn something...hope u got the idea
    Well, there are several website that focus on historical re-enactment for example: Comitatus and Fectio which focus on Late Roman Army re-enactment, while Koryvantes and Hetairoi focus on Classical Greek, Macedonian, Thracian and sometimes Persian re-enactment.
    Well i think you should use the word Sassanids because Iranian likes to call Sassanid as Sassanian. Jerry, what game are you playing that involves Eastern Roman and Sassanids, Barbarian Invasion or Invasio Barbarorum: Somnium Apostatae Iuliani?

    Inviting Ares to our discussion? Good idea.
    hi, i am an anrhitect interested in military history, found of weapons and fortifications, but also a strategy gamer. i do not say no to good sci-fi but i consider my ground to be realism. i am greatfull of meeting such a vivid fanclub like that one here. my motto - have a nice day (also a historical motto)
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