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    Best Unit for October 2010

    All of those are great!!! Really difficult to choose
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    Goldflash's Dumb Fantasy Mod: The Development Thread

    LMAO That's great! Also I for one, am very excited for this. It is very rare that I am truly excited for a mod made by another person... I will definitely be watching this.... :crazyeye:
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    Do we have a mod to increase the 512-city limit NOW???

    Hey! timerover! That is not nice! I loves Kansas :D!!! so quit trolling... also back on topic... Hmmm I didn't know about this "mod" interesting!
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    Rykors (23/08/10)

    :D how disturbing!
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    Goldflash's Dumb Fantasy Mod

    Well I'm glad that my name helped you to decide on ?restarting? a mod that should have been made in 2006 so I could have d/led it, fondled it, and then forgot about it. :lol:... It's odd though I have been lurking on these forums for awhile and I really don't remember seeing this, but I suppose...
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    Goldflash's Dumb Fantasy Mod

    I whole heartedly support this mod that I just now found out about, three minutes before posting this message! :D
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    Anybody tried these changes?

    unfortunately the AI cannot handle land based transports.... :( also I believe transporter units cannot load onto other transports...
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    Spring Temple Buddha

    ok I just looked closely at the picture of the actual statue and wow that thing is huge...
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    3d models
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    Super Mariomod

    On the unit making thing... why not just use non "3d" graphics and grab a sprite sheet... there are some wonderful mario sprites out there (I have thought seriously about doing a super smash bros. mod). you would be limited to two directions (left or right) for most sprites you find, but I...
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    An old discovery i had stumbled upon regarding city gfx

    And to protect from attack you can allow cities on coast and use an inland sea to ensure no land units could step foot in the "City"
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    An old discovery i had stumbled upon regarding city gfx

    Here is the file I used... I will from now on use super cities... there is no need not to...
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    An old discovery i had stumbled upon regarding city gfx

    OK I figured it out!!! No hidden images... Just the size of the image... I doubled the size, and this is what happened:
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    Artillery & Blitz

    Well, I did test with my catapults having a defensive stat and saw no difference (note: The AI seems to use units based entirely on their strategy flag... so even with a defense if the AI is programed to protect artillery that is what they will do) Also, The offensive king has been used in...
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