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Apr 11, 2020
Apr 29, 2009
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Apr 11, 2020
    1. Ulixes
      Thank you for the answer, Jheral. Don't worry, I understand perfectly, in these weeks I'm very busy myself.

      About the modcomp: I found the answers using it in these months.
      I'm actually using it to rebuild the policy tree in my mod project. I added a lot of new branches (and completely redone the old ones) and it's not over yet! (as soon I've enough time, I'll continue to work on it)

      Thank you for this modcomp, it's really well done (I didn't notice any bug) and essential to build a serious policy system (politics in vanilla game is a joke).

      Glad to hear you consider the idea of continuing modding Civ V. I don't know what you could add to this modcomp since it seems complete as it is, but I'll stay tuned.

      Thank you again! :)
    2. Jheral
      As for whether I am still working on it or not - I sort of have been, yes. I started on adapting the screen so that it can do Tech Trees and Ideologies as well, in a similarly flexible style, but there were some issues with how I wanted to implement those parts, so I ran out of free time before I could finish them (also I was waiting on a friend to finish another modcomp we've been working on, which also took a while). In the end I have sort of put the project on ice, but I'll see what I can do about getting back to it.
    3. Jheral
      Sorry about not getting back to you sooner - I've been really busy with work stuff and I didn't see the messages until now.

      Yes, you can add new policy branches - they will be sorted by their IDs in the database. You can also add entirely new categories of social policy branches if you like, and display them on different pages in the screen. As far as max limits go, there isn't one as far as the screen is concerned - the bar where the branches are displayed is scrolling, so it can hold more branches than the height of the screen.

      As for policies, you can add as many as you like, essentially. That part of the screen doesn't scroll horizontally though, so it's still limited by screen size, but you can get a lot more in there now than you could before, either way. And it also scrolls vertically, so there is theoretically no max limit in that sense.
    4. Ulixes
      (continued from previous post)

      I know that time is limited, believe me, but I hope you'll consider to continue to work on it (if you think there's something else to add or to fix) or, at least, to upload it in the database.
      To be able to add new policies in a more elastic way (as we do with techs) is one of the biggest missing feature of this game.
      With your work you let us to enhance concepts of Law, Economy, Politics and Sociology that really improve the game.

      Thank you anyway for your time and for your efforts, we really appreciate it!
    5. Ulixes
      Hi Jheral, I downloaded your Advancement Screen mod. I'm impressed, really good job! I didn't notice any bugs for now.

      If you let me, I have some questions.

      I write here because there's no thread for it (you should consider starting one, I can assure you, A LOT of people are interested in a way to add more policy branches).

      About Policy Branches:
      Can I really add new policy branches?
      Will they be displayed at the bottom of the list? In other words: are they sorted by ID?
      Is there a limit on how many policy branches can be added?
      About Single Policies:
      In the Vanilla game the max number of policies in a branch is 9 (3x3)
      Can I add more than 3 policy columns in a branch
      Can I extend a column beyond 3
      Is there a limit for the those features?

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