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  • Watch Lucky Start for real! It's available in Japanese, subtitled in English.

    I hope Japan is kawaii.
    One day you will be Joukūryo-sensei, by becoming either a Japanese teacher or a rabbi.

    Or both.

    Well, you must be minding the airport by now. Gambaru, Joukūryo-sama!
    Rucky Star is very good srice of rife desu.

    Given that you wirr be in Japan, you wirr be abre to synchronise with us in a 12-hour difference desu neh? Ekuserentu! Prepare for travel and make it doubre, wen you arrives in Japan is of writingu desu.
    Aaaa kawaiiii

    Also, once you are busy in Japan I can shower you with useful links to online comics, animu, etc. that will eat at the time you spend studying, working and sleeping. :p
    Well, idleness doesn't lead to peace of mind. It's happened to all of us.

    I thought that you were already in Japan… well, then it'll probably be the best thing to just wait. You will miss your present inactivity once you find out you have to prepare for livign in a foreign country on the other side of the planet.
    Motivation? You kick ass at it. Far more than baka gai-jin. Even, (fake modesties aside) me. Japan can be alienating at times. But there's ways around it… also, therapy (can you afford it? I don't know how much is charged in Japan) is stygmatised in the US but it can be good, even if you only start a few sessions by talking about what happens every day. Go with the flow.
    So ka.
    InuYasha is considered to have an… ‘attitude problem’. He never says ‘anata’ or ‘watashi’, instead he uses ‘teme/omae’ and ‘ore’.

    So far as I get it ‘kono’ is quite arrogant. Used in-series by some aristocratic character, who are happy to refer to themselves as everyone else's superiors.

    Therefore, the quite arrogant InuYasha refers to himself sometimes as ‘kono ore-sama’.
    I think you haven't been watching enough InuYasha then… have you? (If not I'll explain)
    Why are your links' URLs the right way around?
    Why is your signature not aligned to the right?
    I just wanted to get at the Zero, unlocked a bomber along the way and got to it. And actually I can't dogfight much, but I've got the hang of strafing runs with them fast fighters.
    With the Japanese rank I bomber. Now I went into the British tree and I've begun mastering low-level bombing. You know those mounts with 4 fixed positions? I can take 3 out in a single run, plus the vehicles I can shoot. :lol:

    I still suck at dogfighting and evading pursuers though, so I get shot down quite quickly.
    I've taken quite a liking to grabbing a bomber and strike from high altitudes, say, 4000 m. Nobody tends to bother flying anywhere as high as that.
    Arigato gozaimasu, Rabai-san!

    But I'm just using pseudo-Japanese instead of the real thing. I have no time to study the language. :(
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