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Apr 15, 2011
Jul 6, 2010
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Apr 15, 2011
    1. arya126
      Whats your stance on the coalitions and such? Who do you want to join? Im about to send a PM to Whosit saying we would be willing to join his coalition IF one of us becomes president, and pending your agreement. Otherwise i propose we join the GPC with the same condition, one of us becomes president. If neither happen, we get a coalition with the LMP and hope that the monks will throw a few votes our way. Please respond. I need your input on this.
    2. arya126
      Since i cant PM you this will have to do. I dont want to say much since this can be viewed by all, but i think we should ally with the LMP, the monks (if possible since we are both religious and have somewhat simliar goals for the forseeable future), and the imperial party if they will leave Aegis. These 3 are the ones most likely to hvae simliar goals as us, and if we dont get at least 2 of them then we have no chance of getting into office in the elections. But, i do not think we should join Aegis itself, as even with us they will most likely lose and i dont want to be in a coalition with Ilduce unless i have to. And a condition in any coaltiion we join/form is that one of us has to be president. I was thinking you could be president with me as an important advisor since i was JUST president, but if you dont want the post i will take it when we run.
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