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Jun 1, 2012
Feb 15, 2011
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Jun 1, 2012
      no, I'm a Christian, I just wanted to know how serious you were about your faith.
      I was referring to the Quran in general, whether you were a devout Muslim.
    3. GhostWriter16
      Fair enough, I just wanted to know. Its fine if you don't know. Thanks for the links.
    4. GhostWriter16
      To the first post, so it depends on what you did? And what if you didn't do anything horrible? Would you automatically go to paradise?

      And yeah, I do know all about difficult interpretations, I deal with it all the time when defending the OT.
    5. GhostWriter16
      Also, does Islam hold to Salvation based on Faith in God, based off works, or both? Also, how is it determined which Christians and Jews will go to Heaven and which ones won't? Is it simply arbitrary, or is there some kind of qualifier (Such as whether they really followed their religion, did good works, or some other qualifier?)
    6. GhostWriter16
      You missed my question. I wasn't asking if Hell is literal (Which you already said it was) but if there's an actual FIRE, or if Fire was a metaphor for something.

      IMO describing torture as literal fire is primitive. It makes much more sense how I believe, that Hell is spiritual, and the pain of being outside of God's presense. I was asking if you believed that Hellfire is actual fire, or a metaphor for spiritual suffering in eternity without God.
    7. GhostWriter16
      Interestingly, Christians generally believe the same.

      Does Islam hold to a literal fire? If so, how do you justify God torturing people, isn't it kinda sadistic? (In My Belief, Hellfire is a metaphor for the pain of separation from God, since God cannot allow sinners into Heaven.)
    8. GhostWriter16
      I don't remember. I'll have to see if I still have them.

      Does believing in Islam help you get to paradise? If so, how? What happens to those who do not go to paradise?

      (BTW: I'm not trying to push you here either, I'm just curious.)
    9. GhostWriter16
      I can think of a few reasons why a Muslim (Or Christian) would live a gay lifestyle. One possibility is that they don't know the Bible condemns homosexuality. I think that's a tough sell in the US, but I suppose such a person could exist. A second possibility is that they believe the OT is no longer binding, and they don't know that Paul condemned homosexuality (A lot of Christians totally throw out the OT, which I don't think is accurate, though I do think certain laws, like execution of gays, were specifically meant for the Holy Land.)

      Just a curiosity question: Does the Qu'ran teach there will be any non-Muslims in Heaven, and why or why not?
      do you believe that the Quran is to be interpreted literally?
    11. NickyJ
      Understandable. I've nearly made the mistake myself.
    12. NickyJ
      Actually, I don't live in Washington. The character from my avatar (Frasier Crane) was supposed to be from Washington.

      I live in Southern Virginia.
    13. GhostWriter16
      No problem. Ask anytime.
    14. GhostWriter16
      How do I feel when you say Jesus isn't God? Well, I think you are wrong... I don't understand the question. It doesn't make me hate you or anything.

      I don't agree the world is ending May 21. In fact, it makes me laugh when people say this. Nobody will know. You are correct about that. I personally think it will happen at a time where nobody really expects it to happen, but I could be wrong about that.
    15. Narz
      it's ok I guess, no prob
    16. GhostWriter16
      In my view, to be a genuine Christian, you must believe Jesus Christ died to pay the penalty for their sins. Who REALLY believes and who doesn't, I leave to God to judge. Those who do not believe will spend eternity separated from God, NOT because they don't believe, but because they have Sin that wasn't paid for, and God, being a righteous Judge, cannot allow that. I don't take the fire literally, I think its symbolic of the pain and regret of not having accepted the message when you heard it. I do not know precisely what happens to those who have never heard at all, but I suspect that everyone will be able to choose at some point, if not in this life than after. I do know, however, that the more knowledge you had in this life, the more you will suffer after death.
    17. GhostWriter16
      That said, I don't think what Church you go too determines your Salvation. For instance, I STRONGLY disagree with Roman Catholicism, but I do believe there are genuine Christians in the Roman Catholic Church (I obviously don't know how many.) I also believe there are people who aren't genuine in Churches I tend to agree with more, such as the Baptist Church.

      I believe that any true Christian will go to Heaven, but the Bible says "Not everyone who says to me Lord Lord! Will enter the Kingdom of Heaven."

      To be continued again (1,000 character limit is annoying.)
    18. GhostWriter16
      First of all, I'd like to say that what I BELIEVE is different than what I UNDERSTAND. I believe if the Bible teaches something its true, that doesn't mean I understand it or pretend to understand how God works.

      Second of all, yes, most Christians don't take it seriously enough. Then again, that's PROBABLY true of Islam too (It seems in Islam its often the opposite, Muslim extremists killing people can be common. Of course, most Muslims don't do that, but we all know about the radicals.)

      As for "Specific Sect" I don't believe it works like that. First of all, I don't really belong to any particular sect, I attend a Baptist Church, but I wouldn't really call myself a Baptist. I don't agree with the Baptists on everything, and certainly not the Conservative Baptists...

      To be continued in a minute.
    19. GhostWriter16
      Oh, we've had many debates;)

      The short answer to that question is yes. I don't really classify myself as a Protestant, but most people would. However, that is something of a mistake since the Protestants believed in pedobaptism (Baptism of infants) and so credobaptists (Those who believe in baptism of believers, such as myself) really weren't Protestants. But I'm guessing almost nobody that's not Christian would know that, in fact, most Christians don't even know that.
    20. GhostWriter16
      I wonder why you'd think that? You must not have read many of my posts...

      I'm Christian.

      Let me guess... You're Muslim?;)
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