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  • Tried to download total war 1.2 today. 7z won't open it. Tried WinRAR told me file was corrupt. Did you know about this?
    What needs to be done to stop crash? i have followed you advice and nothing works. I love this mod and have tried and i do mean TRIED to play it but it crashes everytime i play
    How do you stop Prestige victory? I love playing this game but I would love to get beyond the classical era. I win everytime i get to classical era. How do you shut off the victory conditions? How do you shut off cultural and the other silly victory conditions?
    Hey man you should get with Afforess the creator of A New Dawn.. he is an excellent modder, he could debug your errors in this amazing mod! He got his mod working faster than the vanilla version. I like teamwork man surprise me and talk to him and work together, get the final release this is such a good mod you could probably resell it to Firaxis as an official mod.
    Hello jojo, i really liked your total war mod, especially the United Nations feature and the whole voting process of a secretary general and that whole set up like a constitution, aswell as setting laws and legislation ie civics using the U.N is it possible for you to point to me which files are needed just for that feature so i can merge it with another mod i got. or perhaps you can make just that feature modular for me. It will be appreciated, and if you could even the olympic games as a modular.
    Hi, Jojoweb - I think your Totalwar mod looks and plays awesome... until it crashes! I cannot help you with that, but I am offering to help you with numerous misspellings and bad grammar throughout. Not your fault: obviously English is not your first language. But I do think that many players' experience would be heightened by linguistic improvements. Please let me know if you're interested. All the best, Bathory666
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