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  • Hey Oohforf - glad you enjoyed the write-up I did. Hopefully, sometime when I can get a break from classes and schoolwork, I can get the write-up done for the DLC civilizations. And, yes, Catherine is definitely one of those people who is so badass that you can't help but love her. Hehe.
    Haha, your civ 5 personality thing was HILLARIOUS.

    Bismark KILLED me.
    The Augustus Caesar one was cute ^^
    You don't lie with Catherine. She back stabs like HELL. We are close friends for 4/5 of the time of the game, and when I declared war on china, she decides to denounce me, and close our open borders. But I love her :)
    Gandhi was jokes, especially the curry.

    Oh, and btw, Napoleon wasn't short ^^
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