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Jan 30, 2020
May 6, 2002
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Deity, from Ohio

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Jan 30, 2020
    1. JackRendar
      hello Kael

      I was wondering if you could possibly make a Civilization comprising of lizard men

      That would be cool :)

      also whenever I try to play an earth map in ffhII i get an error message. why does this happen?
    2. ScavengerType
    3. darth degox
      darth degox
      you should make a mac mod i would try to help but then again i couldn't do crap:) unless you know how because i would really like to know how
    4. Kael
      Im sure there are some, you may want to ask in the forums.
    5. darth degox
      darth degox
      do you know of any mods that are?
    6. Kael
      I wish there was. Unfortunately Mac's don't support source code changes which are the heart of FfH so I can't create a Mac version. Sorry.
    7. darth degox
      darth degox
      Dear kael i just joined civfanatics and saw your mod. i wondered if there was a verson of fall from heaven 1 for mac?
    8. cypher132
      I am now lobbying to get your opinion on the Mega Story. I must know. Does it please the master!?
    9. JA_Lamb
      Dear Kael. Thank you for the most awsome work you have been doing here for years now.

      An idea that I can't implement as it needs python or deeper coding which are beyond me

      When the game first starts it randomly places civs without regard for Art Styles or History resulting in ludicrous situations of semi naked Egyptians etc trying to farm and mine tundra areas/tiles

      If the game at the begining checked not only how many squres it has to leave open between civs, but also the Art style of each civ and according to that place them on the map. eg.

      European Above 30 degrees Latitude North.
      Middle Eastern between -15 d S and 30 d N
      Greco-Roman between 10 d N & 45 d N
      South American btn 10 d N & -80 d S
      African btn 10 d N & -50 d S
      Asian btn 60 d N & -15 d S

      Thank you and hope to hear from you about this soon as you seem the most appropriate person to appreciate this.
    10. Boleslav
      Kael, I just read your post about helping a school set up to use civ4 in Social Studies. This is exactly what I am going to try to do this year (I'm thinking for after school programs and saturday school). I teach high school social studies. Please let me know how it works out in that Georgia school and any advice in general would be *greatly* appreciated. An added twist is that all my kids are learning English.

      And thanks for an awesome mod by the way. It's just breathtaking.
    11. Tripod
      Hello Kael.
      I ve got am small question about your Assimilation ModComp.I m trying to update it to BTS 3.19 to use it in my mod but unfortunately I got an error message while creating the DLL.
      (CvDLLWidgetData ´sendPushOrder´is not a member of CvDLLUtilityIFaceBase...)
      Could you be so kind to help me a little bit?I´m an absolutly noop with the SDK...
      Thank you very much

      Edit :Found the mistake...
    12. Rystic
      Is there any python function that returns a city's crime rate? I'm playing with Esus's mechanics, and I want to use that.
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