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    [Vanilla] Hans Lemurson figures out the Combat Formula

    I think this is actually the definition; i.e. that the "traditional strength" is 150%^(Str./10). The "odd number" +17 for +200% is actually not exactly 17 but 17.0951129... = 10 * (log 200% / log 150%).
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    Features from SMAC which MUST make it in the new game

    This was my favourite part of SMAC. I remember I was sitting with a friend when we aimed our first fusion planet buster at Morgan's capital and fired off. The game seemed to hang for a second or two. Then the massive explosion all over the screen. When the dust settled, all that remained was a...
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    What went wrong with Civ V and what CivBE should avoid

    One challenge CivBE has to avoid is to feel like a big mod for Civ5. Looking at the screenshots, it still looks like something that could be made by a good modder given enough time. Does it use the same graphics engine?
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    UN Victory in a Brave New World (Ideas and Suggestions)

    You should have to win two WL elections in a row. The second will be harder, obviously...
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    Diplomatic Victory too easy

    Agree diplo is too easy. Just won a deity OCC as France going for cultural, but ended up being able to clearly win the first WL vote on turn 260-ish (standard speed) without much effort. At the time the cultural victory was still 50+ turns away or more...
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    Salt! Great sense of city naming by the AI!

    Most luxuries clump, but I think there is an option to turn it off in the game options. Salt is the most awesome resource to start with by the way. It needs just mining to improve and yields an initial 3/2/1, which gets even better already with chemistry.
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    Salt! Great sense of city naming by the AI!

    Hm... There's a lot of salt here... now what shall we name this city? (Apparently the AI is not without a sense for naming their cities properly...)
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    Civilization 5

    Sure you can queue activities (holding shift), but that is not the same as planning. When you queue activities, you still have to micromanage each individual worker at some point. When you plan, you create a complete picture of the end-state. Then you have the choice to manually manage the...
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    Civilization 5

    Something I miss is the possibility to make an improvement plan, which automated workers would follow. The option to micromanage workers should still be there, but I think improvement plan would be of great help in controlling workers in the later stages of the game. I don't trust fully...
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    Civilization 5

    That's just because they haven't built the road yet. :p
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    Civilization 5

    Would this mean that some technology would allow roads and railroads to be built on coastal squares. And later also on ocean? I definitely think roads and railroads should be allowed in mountain and ice at some point. Perhaps as early as around chemistry, to really have an impact on the game.
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    Civilization 5

    Perhaps the diplomat could make its return in the form of a specialist. The diplomat would produce influence points that could be used to create alliances, trade treaties, or force other nations into certain civics. This would be more realistic than the current espionage system. Also, I would...
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    Civilization 5

    To reflect modern society better, I would like to see the concept of "urbanization" implemented: Throughtout the game, farming efficiency increases so that more and more of the population can turn to other tasks, such as generating production, commerce, culture, political influence, military...
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    Civilization 5

    I do to, but I would like it to impact diplomacy in the late game to a great extent. A civ that pollutes the environment should be put under heavy pressure by other civs. Especially if this civ has open borders and free speech. -5 Your civilization is polluting our planet.
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    BOTM 13 Final Spoiler - Game Submitted or Abandoned

    My first xOTM game and first forum post ever =). Conquest victory in 1846 using Artillery/Infantry/Cavalery combo. I focused on securing the copper in the east. After securing the copper, I teched to maces before I hit the AI. In hindsight I should have hit the AI earlier, with archers, and...
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