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  • hi this is Artyom. you posted two maps for HR. one is called "europe vienna" and the other is "europe_vienna_odessa". I have been playing the odessa one. however, the AI seems to be very easy. I dont think that the difficulty settings affect the AI. is there any way to change that? also, starting cities for civilizations which get city plot bonuses such as a bonus commerce or food/production dont get the plot bonus in the starting city, only in the cities you build later
    Ok why not ! :)

    My only objection is that I never wanted to compete with Pie, I just uploaded the mod since you were interested. I don't want to offend or insult him, it's really his mod after all. So all I have to say is, if you want to go trumpeting :p do so if Pie has no objections. You can even call it Keinpferd's mod ! :lol:
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