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Oct 5, 2015
Jan 23, 2010
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Oct 5, 2015
    1. chasbolt
      As usual email was a better procurer of conversation.
    2. Eclipse4449
      You look very happy in your profile pick (Yay!)
    3. chasbolt
      Hi Kenwyn, welcome home. Sorry I'm late but not much with checking my notifications. I just saw this today. I was an RTO with A Co. 2 BN 3rd Inf 199th LIB in Nam from June 69-70; not like how they do it now 3, 4, 5 rotations Wow unbelievable. As screwed up as my buds were after 1 tour.
      I'm on line regularly and you are welcome to email me at all my iterations. I am chasbolt at live, yahoo, and gmail. If you google chasbolt you get me. Cool, as is your profile picture.
    4. kenwyn
      Davis, aye.
      I'm on other side of Sacto up US50 @ Cameron Park.

      Where mite i get a larger version of your icon? I'm still laughing at it + "voter" line. "Excess of sorrow brings laughter, excess of joy brings tears."
      I'v verbally passed it on to several others that understand the sad reality,
    5. .Shane.
      University town, west of Sacramento. :) You?
    6. Nighthawk419
      Yes, thats completely fine with me!
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