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  • Hi Kenwyn, welcome home. Sorry I'm late but not much with checking my notifications. I just saw this today. I was an RTO with A Co. 2 BN 3rd Inf 199th LIB in Nam from June 69-70; not like how they do it now 3, 4, 5 rotations Wow unbelievable. As screwed up as my buds were after 1 tour.
    I'm on line regularly and you are welcome to email me at all my iterations. I am chasbolt at live, yahoo, and gmail. If you google chasbolt you get me. Cool, as is your profile picture.
    Davis, aye.
    I'm on other side of Sacto up US50 @ Cameron Park.

    Where mite i get a larger version of your icon? I'm still laughing at it + "voter" line. "Excess of sorrow brings laughter, excess of joy brings tears."
    I'v verbally passed it on to several others that understand the sad reality,
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