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    Galactic Civilizations II Giveaway: Enter to Win!

    I need only ...a valid CD key :D
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    COTM 12 - First Spoiler (End of Ancient Age)

    Hello!!! Open: Hello. This thread is only for reporting your Ancient Age progress. Please do not post any details of your later game until the appropriate spoiler threads are opened
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    New Moderator: Civrules

    Congratumalaaaa....Civrules! :D :goodjob:
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    How can I make a land unit walk on sea tiles?

    [B]I've made a "real helicopter"'s fun. But, the Civ's AI never make any units like that. The Civ's AI does not support(full support) this unit! Hope, will get "real helicopter" in Civ4!
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    How can I make a land unit walk on sea tiles?

    you mean it is air unit with "go to" able?
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    More occasion for small and tiny nation!!!

    ...More realastic is way Civ4 should be do to get more and more civfanatics. Has 2 kind of Civ-play(i'm not sure! ), civing for fun and civing for get a realastic-life( the life of leader...). The game that you need play only 50% of time-line for sure you will game for kids :p. The...
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    More occasion for small and tiny nation!!!

    In Civ3, i hate the thing is "everything has done in Middle Age"...The big nation will be strong and stronger; the small nation will be weak and weakness...then go to destroy after some turn of war... My idea for Civ4 is: make more occasion for small nation in time line, like same some...
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    New unit: Modern Cavalry 28/06/2004

    In My Mod...i put "him" to Industrial Tactic(a new tech add---after Replacable). He has attack 8, defence 5, cost 100, move 3, requires horse+ rubber==> him work fun in my game, he is best choice to assault city (defence by infantry) before tanks :D
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    Giant Death Robots

    I dont like any robot in Civ game!!!!!!!!!!!!! ______________the end_______________
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    a stupid idea
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    Im single......."Single is only way for Civing" :D
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    TopGun's Forgotten Airplanes

    Have fun with Your units. Forum is slowly because your units, come back to with ur unitS.
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    TopGun's Forgotten Airplanes

    I dont happy to make units, dont need eat crow. That mean, dont need coding Windown OS to use them, live with your unit If you like- Wyrm. With me, the Sid' Unit is enough too. :cool: :D :lol:
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    TopGun's Forgotten Airplanes

    But not everybody can make good mod, like DYP
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