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  • My aim is to unite India; for peace to reign you are going to be restricted in any plans to expand. I will 'forgive' modern day Pakistan but I will be aiming for the unity of India under one empire and anything in the way will invoke Shiva.
    A reminder that CityIOT orders are due in 7 hours. For those who have been less active lately, we will be entering a slower update cycle, driven by more RP and content, following this update, so I encourage those members to return for the new phase.
    A reminder that campaigning and endorsements for CityIOT are due by 10:00 PM EST tomorrow; new candidates have until 2:00 AM to declare their campaign.
    I'm playing two ACs that consume my saturday and sunday. It will probably be a friday.
    I forget if it was you or megs who had the Fakemon AC idea, but one of my friends is making and drawing a whole region if you're interested in an idea ;)
    If you could get on chat some time between like noon and 2am then that'd be swell.
    You're reading things correctly, and I actually did a double take to figure out what was going on.

    On the first page, there is a column called modifier. That number is entered into the equation when figuring out costs for factories. The industrial expansion in your country outpaced your country's ability to support the factories (via provinces and infrastructure), so the prices went up.

    Your trait changes depressed the prices. However, because the modifier is an ungodly several decimal number, the stat sheet rounds to the nearest whole number. If I got rid of the -3IP Private Cost trait, for example, your private factory cost would only go up to 5 IP, not 6 IP.
    Armies cannot expand and defend at the same time. However, the House Jung paramilitary would defend the government in the event of an uprising by one or more other parties.

    For the most part however, the CPC and VoH feud has been directed at one another, not against the government.
    I should alert you: I am having some sort of problem with my internet at home; the BT thing seems to be off despite the plug and button being set to on, although it did work a short time this morning...

    Basically: I am saying that if I do not turn up tonight you can blame technical difficulties. That said if fortune smiles on me and I do have a functional internet then I will make my way. Overall it all depends on how lucky I am when I get home.
    Howdy do Kinich. Not sure if you saw, but I posted a little history of my ATEN nation that goes into a little detail about our war. Let me know if you see anything you don't want.
    Gunboat Diplomacy is something you state in thread actually. Its an ability that isn't useful early on really, but as you grow in power and become capable of projecting force, becomes quite useful, but requires the other country to agree to the one-sided treaty, hence the need for the gunboat.
    Just to note if you are still interested in the game that you have yet to submit orders for turn 0 of the Spirit of Man. Since you haven't posted in the thread yet I just thought I'd let you know and ask if you are still interested.
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