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  • TF just asked me the same thing and I'm wondering if I worded that badly. No, not leaving PACIFIC. PIOCPS is a regional organization like the AU or...whatever the hell Argentina is.
    While you don't need to worry about orders in general, you do need to look at the CityIOT council soon - another player is stuck in limbo until the Council makes a decision.
    I've gotten a ton of questions today, so I'm just going to answer them all in an RP-post; you'll be able to see in a moment.
    No, you are to assume I spent yesterday with my girlfriend and have only now really gotten back to the computer. I'll get to it.
    To be honest, that's all I thought you did know, but it's still more than I :p

    Again, either way, I understand if you are or are not interested. Between Crimson, Shadows, and Into the Fire, I figured you'd be one of the better people to ask.

    And Shift, even if that one never went live.
    It was partially for Into the Fire, and partially for ACing.

    Not to mention that one of the ideas I put forth would borrow a bit from the varying Native American cultures, and I'm willing to bet that, at the very least, you understand Yucatec than I do.
    Either way, your choice. I basically picked out the people who'd either written the best RP or shown the most interest in my projects.
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