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  • Also, we don't give a damn for history or realism in TerraNES. They are excuses, explanations, and extenuating circumstances, nothing more or less. Meaning that I'm perfectly fine if you start as a American-style republic, as long as you made it clear how it would come about OTL. I would also be perfectly fine with a somewhat silly or ahistorical nation as long as we all know how and why it works. In the same token, historical nations will be twisted quite badly.
    Perfectly fine as long as you make it "worth it". I don't know much about Mayan culture at this time period, so I will be relying on you a bit to develop any unique cultural differences and send me info about them. Since it is a new region, I will be writing entirely new section of the update for it, so hopefully we can make it interesting! If you feel like you're up to the task, go right on ahead. :)
    Yeah. Although that is more or less meaningless, looking at the typical Euro-centric crowd here. But yeah.

    "Actual" time, I dunno, would be 2150 b.c.? Overall time is not very important, since I am going to use player calendars anyway.
    Even with the near east, it is nothing close. It is 850 since the start of the bronze age. Egypt is in the Middle Kingdom. Hyak is Akkad on steroids.
    Of course, there are myraid of choices everywhere, as well as possibilities of new nations, barbaric states, organizations, hordes, and even new cradles. Chosen nations, although I call for 1 turn of following NPC actions somewhatish to prevent jarring changes, are easily changed and I allow for many sceneries.

    Best thing is for you to say what you'd like, or even a certain region and I will give you some good choices.

    Also, fyi most of the recent interaction is for Keltia, where religious and political effects of the Holy War is still reverberating, and the Levantine League where a strong centerpiece of middle east diplomacy is collapsing.
    Khand/India-the Aryans just took over a vast piece of highly-unstable real estate on the Ganges, infiltrating via mercenary work. The Indus River Raj is wavering (no orders). There are also several outlying countries. I am not good with Indian culture so I would really like a player to come in, rename everything, and help inform me of new NPCs.

    Mississippi- Boy oh Boy do I want a player here! I have the Miami Confederacy, Seneca, Kumberland and Capone tribes open, all with their attractions. Of course, with the main player seemingly comatose it might be best to let the entire cradle die off for now.

    Xilan-Much better than before and with a player participating in the Yi (yellow river) civil war, there are plenty of niches to enter. Shall you be the semi-barbaric but allied Xiong Khanate? How about the reviving core of Shangyi? The misfits Man or Guo, the diplomatic powerhouse Louyang or the frontier settlers of Xi'an?

    First, apologies because I have given such overviews many times already. :p.

    Anyway, what I would really want is for YOU to tell me what YOU would like over what I say are good NPCs. Most of the simple and pure decent NPCs are either taken or marginalized in some way. There are plenty of "Second Tier" and "Specialized" NPCs out there, much too many for me to count.

    Here are some established areas I would like for you to look at.
    Iron and Blood 3: Rapid Fire

    Introduction updated and stats added.
    Link to OP

    Please check and let me know any corrections and I will update, before updating the map.
    ooc: I want a damn colony. Albania is Italian. Turkey and Yugoslavia are too powerful. Africa is taken over by half Europe and you protect America. Tell me where the f*** i will expand?
    If USA agrees to post in the thread that it supports a nation that is ruled by a small colonial minority, suppressing the large indigenous majority of 95% of the Liberian population, then we will make peace with Liberia.
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