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  • Imperium Offtopicum: Valkyrie :

    Greece offers trade and a DP to the great and all powerful America.
    You are receiving this post because you once participated in an IOT called Land Ho! many moons ago. I am reviving it. Should be out today- watch for it.

    Warm Regards,

    What attack? I claimed a netural territory. If you feel threaten, i will stop the claiming of Italy.
    In Sons, Dawn of Colonisation, I have noticed you will be schismatising from the heretical Cathari religion to your run of the mill, orthodox Catholic faith. Just so you know, I was going to do the same thing, so perhaps we can do a "joint schism" to avoid any confusion that may result?
    I've noticed in Tani's update that there was a Pro-501st coup in NCSA. Would it be possible to return the client state back to the Republic, since we did invested into it earlier and I'd hate to see the money go to waste. Thanks :).
    I don't think it's been made official, even though our two factions are on friendly terms. I'd think it would be good to make it official (the alliance that is) :)
    Yeah, Earth Fire Air and Water. I thought it might be obvious, but I suppose I should have clarified. :(
    Honestly, either side wants help at this point, since it's going to be long, bloody, radioactive and fruitless.
    Sons of Mars III

    Michoacan and Chiapas, the free states of Mexico, have openly refused surrender. They claim they have amassed arsenals and will use them on the 501st in the event of invasion. It could be a bluff, or they could actually have these weapons, as London, Yemen, and other minor states have had.

    Proceed as planned, Grand Moff?
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