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  • Hey there! Sorry for the late response... My RL life is more hectic than usual right now and I didn't respond immediately when I saw your note. Thanks for the congrats. It has certainly been interesting being a mod. I wish I had the time to get back into I&B.
    Hello good sir! I just found a SG called Downfall and I wonder what game is it for. It looks like you were its GM.

    EDIT: Forget it, I just saw a map on a Plans discussion... I should have known it was I&B. :hammer2:
    Not right now for sure. I will wait to see the final version by Barbarian King (he is not going to change his map).
    I want to apologize to the good IOT crowd, including you. I didn't want this, I tried to stop them but I couldn't. Don't lump me in with the revolutionaries (Son, Mosher, LH ect) and don't cut ties with me. I like you guys. And I'm sorry if I did anything to move this situation to where it went.

    I'm so sorry.
    All my provinces are listed as being neutral on my block of the spreadsheet. besides that, I think it's all good.
    I understand that I&B3 is not story driven, but having Rome in everyone's name gets old unless there's a reason. I probably won't write very many more stories, but regardless of the type of game, it's good to know why each nation is like what it is.
    Then it is clear that Scandinavia lacks the capacity to maintain its own national premises amongst its constitutive units.
    They don't call France the "First Daughter of the Church" for nothing ;). Anyways you didn't help yourself with the blatant hypocrisy of proclaiming yourself "secular" and then kicking out perfectly legitimate missionaries.
    Im afraid the damage is done :p Either way make sure you don't be too cruel to him, we wan't him to stay in the IoT community AND its his first time (literally!)
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