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Aug 3, 2021 at 4:59 PM
Jan 11, 2006
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March 8
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Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
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Road to War Modder, from Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)

kiwitt was last seen:
Aug 3, 2021 at 4:59 PM
    1. Jehoshua
      I suspect it will.
    2. Jehoshua
      Looks like Islam has a schism ;)
    3. Sonereal
      I'm surprised. This is the largest IOT in player count since my first one (at 28 players if I counted the new players correctly).
    4. GamezRule
      Ideally it will be fixed sooner than later and I can be Gamez again. :p
    5. kiwitt
      I&B2 is for GM Development
    6. Double A
      Double A
      I'm a senior player
      I&B2 group lets in senior players
      Therefore lemme in :p
    7. kiwitt
      The big 50 for me this time.
    8. NickyJ
      Happy birthday!
    9. PieceOfMind
    10. PieceOfMind
      Also, technically negative defense modifiers work a bit differently to what I described. If a defense modifier is -X% (i.e. negative) (e.g. let's say -40%), then instead of taking X% off the base strength you divide the base strength by (1+X/100) (e.g. 1+40/100). This ensures a defense modifier of -100% doesn't make the defending unit 0 strength!
    11. PieceOfMind
      Well as an example, say there is an attacker and defender both with a base strength value of 2.0. If the attacker had a +10% attack promotion, it would reduce the defender's strength to 1.8 and the attacker would still be 2.0. However if the defender also had +10% defense (from terrain for example) it would raise its defense to 2.0 again. Compare this with what you might expect, where both attacker and defender would have a modified value of 2.2.

      Basically all combat modifiers, whether they be from promotions or terrain, add or subtract to the defender's base strength. You add up all the modifiers to get the overall defense modifier and then apply it to the defender.

      The Combat (1 to 6) promotions are the only exception, as they always modify the strength of the unit who owns them rather than strictly the defender.
    12. BSmith1068
      duh. I'll update on my end.
    13. The_J
      hoplitejoe noticed me about that you wanted to have the group "Tiberian Sky - The Brotherhood of Nod" deleted. Since i saw that request elsewhere, and because it was eseentially empty, i did that now, i guess it doesn't harm anyone that it's now gone.
    14. kiwitt
      Problem is I left the group and now it is still listed as a subscribed group, meaning I have to rejoin to unsubscribe and the leave the group. As the game is no longer in play, you could ask the mods to delete it.
    15. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
      Need mod permission to delete social groups.
    16. Birdjaguar
    17. GamezRule
      Of course, I just wanted to get my land claims down right away.
    18. arya126
      Perhaps you should allow the suggestion to be debated by the players in general in the group before it goers to the development committee. One player shouldnt represent the entire public, and in any case, some debate form both sides of the argument could help the development committee out in a decision, and reveal how many players support it.
    19. arya126
      Interesting. Will the player public, not just the development committee, have the same amount of input on the rule changes as we did in IB1?
    20. arya126
      Alright. Let me know if I can participate in the beta in any way. Im a little too busy for participating in the actual structuring of the rules though, sorry, but I will still add suggestions even if they are late.
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    March 8
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    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    Retired ?
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    WWII Wargamer for 40+ years

    World War II



    Modern Earth 1.4, which has over 1100 cities and 6,000 units, including lots of terrorists - ouch !!! - It should be called the Road to War on Terror ;) - 5,000+ downloads
    The Road to War - Historical" - has already had 8,000+ downloads and have commenced work again on 1.07
    *** Need help installing Civ4 onto Vista/7/8/10 read my thread in here ***
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