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Road to War Modder, from Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)

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    1. arya126
      Who will be participating in the closed beta? Any chance I could sign up for it, or will it be limited to those senior members in the IB2 development group?
    2. arya126
      When will the IB2 group be open to people to create their Embassies and conduct diplomacy?

      And how is the final map and ruleset coming along? I hate to keep asking, but I am very excited for it to start, as are many other players.
    3. lordcrown
    4. DroopyTofu
      I'm sorry to keep spamming you, but I forgot events. On both of my events, I take the option to get 10 extra IC. I'll use the extra IC towards stability
    5. arya126
      How are those posts in the IB threah off topic? Sure, they werent exactly what you want in the thread, but they are most certainly ON TOPIC. They were about how Libya got occupied and how funny it was that its player came back asking what he missed.

      So overall, they were about the game, but they werent ideal posts that you want in the thread. But the POINT is that they do not deserve that Stability hit. It was on topic, and I do not see how it can be considered to be not so.
    6. Double A
      Double A
      -10% stability is overkill.
    7. Tecknojock
      Oh, I see now you set 0% as standard supplies and I was looking at the wrong supply totals. Sorry about the misunderstanding.
    8. Tecknojock
      Your right, but I only built 4 units so it should have been near 400%. You only gave me 97% or less than recommended supplies when I spent way over that much.
    9. Tecknojock
      Kiwitt, we should have won France. I spent 120 on supplies when I only needed 30 so supplies should have been 400% for me.
    10. Tee Kay
      Tee Kay
    11. arya126
      Also. PM needs responding to if you dont mind.

      But I think that it was fairly obvious that if such an outbreak of hostilities were to happen then it would include many nations. All nations were UNA except the 3 ATK. In any case, it shouldnt be the number of nations that shock, but rather the ATK's betrayal.

      But in my opinion, this war could be seen a mile away.
    12. arya126
      Have you NOT seen the tensions building up between the UNA and the Accord these past few turns with so much espionage happening? It was virtually a cold war for the past couple of years. If that arent considered tensions, by several countries in one alliance accusing several members of another alliance of espionage in the MAIN THREAD (Media) then I dont know what is.

      What you are basically saying is that the people of the world NEVER SAW THIS WAR COMING, even though the two alliances have been on the brink of war ever since the ending of the Treaty of London, or more specifically ever since the last media crisis involving Swaziland, Hawaii, and California.
    13. GamezRule
      OM: Yes, quite.
    14. kiwitt
      No ... it can still receive shipments via Scandinavia
    15. Tecknojock
      Is the USSR considered blockaded?
    16. NickyJ
      CFC Honorary Presidential voting will take place in OT on November 4th.
    17. arya126
      I also need to note that last turn, Greece had 7 armies, not 6. Sorry for the late correction, I hadnt noticed it. Orders are also being changed rioght now.
    18. arya126
      Kiwitt. Last week I had no internet connection through which I could respond to PMs. My ipod, which I was using at the time, wouldnt let me send anything. By the time I got home and was able, I had forgotten about it. When I did remember it, I was either busy, or I was too tired to respond.

      Perhaps you should have just let the damned thing go? You had no incentive to release it publicly besides to hurt Greece.
    19. Double A
      Double A
      I meant in terms of logistics and econ. I don't give a crap about 25% defense in a landlocked province or a backwater island.

      Oh, and I was wondering... were you ever going to explain the presence of two new colors in Russia?
    20. Double A
      Double A
      The way you worded the rules makes it seem like a rotating capital is better than a core.
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