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Sep 3, 2020
Jan 11, 2006
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March 8
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Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
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Road to War Modder, from Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)

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Sep 3, 2020
    1. arya126
      I was thinking along those lines, but this isnt something to be discussed in VMs...so I will delete that message. I will get orders in tonight.
    2. arya126
      Ugh...I was afraid of that. That really hurts my plans...crap. Ah well, looks like my navy probably wont be an obstacle.

      Also, is there any direct way to encourage more cities besides stability (which would presumably encourage growth?)? Assuming Hawaii isnt at the city limit of course. I didnt check.

      No problem. If i ever note something like this again, Ill be happy to let you know.
    3. arya126
      Kiwiit two things:

      1. When you see a new VM, click on the 'view conversation' link in the bottom right hand corner of the actual VM sent in order to view the conversation, then reply in the text box there. It then notifies me of the response since the response VM is on my profile, and allows me to be aware that you responded and therefore respond in turn quicker, or in this case, glean new information quicker. I wouldnt have realized you replied on your own page except I had another question...

      2. If I want to upgrade to TBDs, then I dont need to buy the Ironclad upgrade too, correct? I can just get the 16IC TBDs, and skip ironclads altogether?
    4. kiwitt
      3 will give you 50% chance. I essentially do this formula. %chance = IC paid/Base factories
    5. arya126
      I WILL get my orders in tonight, or die trying. But first, I need a stability question to be answered:

      When adding to the percentage of chance of getting to the next level of stability, is the amount of IC given converted into a percentage of the IC you have to spend from YOUR nation, or will it include all the IC given to you by other sources? take hawaii for example:

      I have 6 IC from the islands, but 45 from other sources. If I submitted 3 IC into stability, would I gain 50% in my percentage chance to upgrade to stable stability, or would I only gain around 10% due to it being such a small fraction of the overall 51?
    6. kiwitt
      The only choices are moderated, Invite-only and Public.

      I set it first to invite only and have now changed it to moderated
    7. arya126
      Also, that members discussion topic in the Pacific group is open to the public. I suggest setting the group settings to invite only and join to read, or whatever words they use to describe the settings that will do that.
    8. kiwitt
      hmmm ... but the Canadian parliament has already debated it.
    9. GamezRule
      I edited this post.
    10. kiwitt
      All IC will be available next turn. As stated in the treaty.
    11. momo1000
      Do I receive the 7 IC from Canada this turn or are they spread out over several turns?
    12. DroopyTofu
      I'm an idiot. The "-5" that I saw was my timezone. :facepalm:

      I will declare in the main thread after I get a nice story set up.
    13. kiwitt
      No you need to declare it in the main thread.
    14. DroopyTofu
      Oh, sorry. That was dumb. I just didn't notice that you had started showing that in a seperate colunm. Thank you!

      BTW, is this an acceptable place to inform you that I am entering in on the War against the Accord? Because I'm entering in on the war against the Accord.
    15. kiwitt
      because you are not at 100% stability.
    16. DroopyTofu
      I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but why am I being docked 5 IC?
    17. Double A
      Double A
      Yep, said "continue to research evolution" at the end of my post

      Also I'm now going to edit in what I said after Dommy quit to my orders, as I seem to have not.
    18. kiwitt
      Yes. If you are changng DoWs you have less than 12 hours.
    19. NedimNapoleon
      can I change my orders?
    20. Double A
      Double A
      Changed my orders (I forgot to look at the science and upgrades spoilers).
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    March 8
    Home Page:
    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    Retired ?
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    WWII Wargamer for 40+ years

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    Modern Earth 1.4, which has over 1100 cities and 6,000 units, including lots of terrorists - ouch !!! - It should be called the Road to War on Terror ;) - 5,000+ downloads
    The Road to War - Historical" - has already had 7,000+ downloads and have commenced work again on 1.05
    *** Need help installing Civ4 onto Vista/7/8/10 read my thread in here ***
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