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Sep 3, 2020
Jan 11, 2006
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March 8
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Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
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Road to War Modder, from Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)

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Sep 3, 2020
    1. Double A
      Double A
      And yes I know there won't be any right now, that message is just for when he does send some in.
    2. kiwitt
      Only of they have shore bombardment capabilities ... and you need to advise action of what they do.
    3. Double A
      Double A
      navies automatically support, right? Cause I forgot to put that in after the obvious one.
    4. kiwitt
      RE: Supplies. Thanks for that.

      I'll update the supply column ... it was an interim level while the battles were on.
    5. Double A
      Double A
      Meh, I'll figure it out sooner or later.

      What does the -2 supplies thing mean? Is that my minimum because of rifles or what?
    6. kiwitt
      No ... not yet. But also no negative effects either.
    7. Double A
      Double A
      So... spying. I haven't been real lucky there, have I?
    8. kiwitt
      It's a one of bonus of 5 IC. Be sure to add it into your orders.
    9. DroopyTofu
      Does the special event I received as the CSA (banking) mean that I get five extra IC on top of the 21 listed in the quick stats, but will not get anything else the next turn? I'm not entirely sure what you meant in the description.
    10. Double A
      Double A
      Also, I nominate the Philippines for a core.
    11. kiwitt
      I can confirm he has changed his orders to what they are in the thread.
    12. arya126
      Can you give me confirmation that dommy PMed you to change his orders so that he gives me 4 IC? Hes trying to claim that he has but worm his way out of editing on the thread. I need solid confirmation on this.

    13. Double A
      Double A
      Changed my orders a lot, I just realized that I don't need those upgrades this turn :crazyeye:
    14. kiwitt
      Thanks and Yes you do. As in reviewing the time stamp of your edit it was 20 hours before the cutoff. 21:00 GMT Tuesday or 8:00am Wednesday NZT
    15. Double A
      Double A
      So... I'm going to tell you I update orders in the future, but do I get my 4IC in rifles from last turn?
    16. kiwitt
      You only have 1 out of 5 rolls to get an upgrade. And like a coin toss the odds of rolling 10 heads or 10 tails is the same. Other nations have invested more in stablity and have also being unsuccessful. look at Medina.
    17. arya126
      How exactly are you determining leveling up in stability? the way TK was going about it was that the percent in the quick stats was the chance each turn for that country to level up regarding stability, and if they did, then it would be reset to zero. The percentage is the cumulative percentage of IC they invested in it over the turns.

      Seeing as ive had 20% for several turns now and failed to gain stable stability, I now have the feeling that you are using stability as thus: you must get 100% in order to level up. Can I get a ruling on this? I keep looking at my stability, expecting it to level up eventually.
    18. kiwitt
      I have decided to apply no negatives. Prefer to use positive reinforcement.
    19. NedimNapoleon
      The rule where you said you punish stupid arguments and spam, does it apply during this whole update or only after you posted the rule?
    20. kiwitt
      Thanks for that.;)

      I'll use that as my base.
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    March 8
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    Auckland, NZ (GMT+12)
    Retired ?
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    WWII Wargamer for 40+ years

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    Modern Earth 1.4, which has over 1100 cities and 6,000 units, including lots of terrorists - ouch !!! - It should be called the Road to War on Terror ;) - 5,000+ downloads
    The Road to War - Historical" - has already had 7,000+ downloads and have commenced work again on 1.05
    *** Need help installing Civ4 onto Vista/7/8/10 read my thread in here ***
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