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Jun 7, 2013
May 22, 2008
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Jun 7, 2013
    1. bestshot9
      Alright, sweet. Anonymoose and I are going to be collaborating together soon, but if you have any ideas for story responses to my stories, feel free to post them, it makes things more interesting for me, gives me some new direction and stuff :D.
    2. bestshot9
      So dawg, is my latest story suitable for you to write up a response to? I hope I didn't mess up your plans.
    3. bombshoo
      Well, I'm sure we would love to have you. At least the advantage of waiting is that we will hopefully be at a later point in the colony's history, meaning you could join in at the beginning of a new story arc, rather than in the middle of the current one.
    4. T_F
      Yeah, we don't write many stories, do we :P

      No, I'm American, but somehow I just can't write poetry in English and have it sound good. Maybe I'm just more self-critical in my native language?

      I'd love to play, but I'm not sure I've got the creativity to write enough to justify calling me a participant ^_^
    5. T_F
      Well, I really can't write good-sounding poetry in English, but if it would make sense for it to be in something else I might. Depends on how much poetry it would involve ^_^

      Is the Sengoku one just over, or on hiatus for a while?
    6. bombshoo
      Thank you! That is always nice to hear. I have been interested in your NES as well. Unfortunately, I haven't had the time to read much of it since I barely have the time for my own anymore. Perhaps I'll sit down and read it over the Holidays.

      The third update for my NES is right around the corner, so keep your eyes open.
    7. Ninja Dude
      Ninja Dude
      I know. Just have a busy weekend. I'll write some stuff up later tonight!
    8. Angst
      I saw that he posted a reply, I read it and enjoyed it quite a lot. But I haven't had the time to reply to him too.
    9. Angst
      Yes! I know it wasn't very nice of me to demand for Ninja Dude to post another story, but at the time I had time. I haven't had time to do anything since Monday. I assume I'll get something in 'till tomorrow or something.
    10. Seon
      Yeah. He could act nonchalant like normal. And that would be... Utterly mad!
    11. Seon
      That depends on how "mad" Lord Trin goes.

      If it is "OFF with everyone's head!!!!" with 4 exclamation marks insane, then stranger doesn't need to bother with him anymore and Winged Eyes either run away or help him cut everyone's head off.

      If it is "I am Caesar!" kind of madness complete with togas, crowns, and egyptian slaves with giant fans, I am packing my bags :p (I was once part of an RP experience in which we had to kill 2 vampires hiding amongst 54 soldiers in a small fortress. We didn't know we had to decapitate vampires to fully kill them, so by the time we figured it out, there were only 5 of us, including the last vampire, remaining. The commander of the fort than declared himself Caiser)

      If he starts singing Daisy Bells... Well crap.

      I guess I could drive his subordinates mad as well.
    12. Adrogans
      Good to hear. I had a question if I had her design and build a gauntlet with long, sharp, thick blades coming from the fingers (this would cover her whole forearm, wrist, back of hand, and all fingers) would that be covered under knife play?
    13. Seon
      Damn it, driving him insane was kind of my plot line XD
    14. merciary
      Nope perfectly fine, I'm going to have some fun working my way out of this.
    15. Luckymoose
      I can definitely use this info, but I won't likely have another story up until after my finals on Tuesday.
    16. bestshot9
      Well, I could post what I have now, its pretty short compared to what I had posted previously (so far its only 1 word document page as opposed to 4 for the past two stories) but where I'm at in it now could be a bit of a stopping point.
    17. bestshot9
      Okay man, I am working on a story right now to follow up, but if you have an idea, you are the World Master! Have at it, and I'll work with what you throw at me, that's part of the fun of interactive stories, no?
    18. Terrance888

      What do you mean by "Seperate Entity"? As in not in the 10 ships count? It is because of the 10 Ships count that I decided the ALF are those 10 "War Ships" used by the government.
      In the future, would it be possible to "draft" merchant ships into service? They would obviously be very weak but could be a possibility.
    19. Adrogans
      Hmm the loremaster would be well received, but it would likely take binding treaties defining the border between the nations to prevent future conflict to get more direct aid. Madraga would also be more inclined to send advisors, supplies, trade embargoes, and monetary aid rather than forces directly.
    20. Haseri
      Oh my god I am so sorry kkmo, I haven't been recieving any notifications for weeks.
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