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    Who does still care about Civ4Col modding? [SMALLTALK]

    Just popping in to say that I regularly play your We The People mod, but hardly ever visit the forum - this must be my second post in a decade at CivFanatics forums! [Edit - correction: apparently I joined in 2008, so closer to 13 years, and have posted 12 times!] I think I've started playing...
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    [DoaNE] Guide - How to start ?

    The images are missing, is it possible to re-post them? Thanks a lot
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    Quick Answers / 'Newbie' Questions

    Actually, you need roads to have acess to resources that are inside one of your cities fat cross as well.
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    Does Stalin really belong in the game?

    And if Firaxis or anyone else is too concerned about not offending people, just give them the choice to "Block potentially offensive content", either at installation or runtime. AND adding possibly offensive content arbitrarily woulnd`t hurt the game`s selling at all, I guess. We all know what...
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    Does Stalin really belong in the game?

    Here's another vote to include whoever was a leader in any period of time as a leader in Civilization. Be that Stalin, Hitler or the guy responsible for bombing several dozens of thousands of innocent people in Japan in 1945. It's a game about Civilization, extremely bad deeds are just a...
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    Quick Answers / 'Newbie' Questions

    Muchas gracias, amigo. That's gonna help my understanding of the combat system a lot.
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    Also, since the tiles represent suck large squares of land, there could be flat tiles graced with 'river' or 'lake' fresh-water resource. This to represente smaller rivers.
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    Quick Answers / 'Newbie' Questions

    Search not working for me on this one, how do you open the combat log? (log is too short a word to search and combat is returning a little bit more results than I need)
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    Game Situation - What would not-a-noob do?

    Well, thanks for all the tips! I migh be beginning to form a band of Civ-addicted junkies in my college because a lot of people (who never heard of civilization) ask me 'how's the game?' and yesterday three other players joined us in another game (which was just a demonstration). Anyway, that's...
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    Game Situation - What would not-a-noob do?

    I'm not a complete noob in civilization. I was very good at Civ 2 (I could play in harder than average levels and still win by), didn't get the chance to play Civ 3 for long (maybe half a dozen games) and never until Civ IV and the advent of simultaneus turns I played multiplayer. So now me...
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    The Civfanatic Death Squad List

    Sorry for the noob question but, is that supposed to be a 'who do you pick to kill people' or a 'who do you kill first' list?
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    Unimportant Great Artist Question

    <- First post. I'd have to agree with Roman Polansky, say Stanley Kubrick, Pedro Almodóvar, Tim Burton, Steven Spielberg, etc, etc, or any other good movie director of expression, but that is cause I'm a sucker for cinema.
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