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  • See, the way that you disavow Hitler as a Christian is the same way that Muslims disavow terrorists. Neither are true representations for what the respective religions stand for. There is ample evidence in Hitler's writings that show he relied on some form of religious foundation for his plans. He believed he was doing God's work after all.

    Muslims terrorists are not really Muslims, by the same argument you used to disavow Hitler.

    Hitler said that he was doing what he did, in the name of God. I defy you to find a quote of Stalin or Mao saying that they were going to kill millions of people because of atheism. They do seem to have set up a religion of state. Lenin was put on display like a shrine post-mortem (IIRC). So if anything, religion is responsible for Hitler, Mao, Stalin, N. Korea, etc.
    Do you not know how to use Google? Hitler was a Christian. Hitler definitely believed in God. Did you know Hitler wrote Mein Kampf?

    "What we have to fight for is the necessary security for the existence and increase of our race and people, the subsistence of its children and the maintenance of our racial stock unmixed, the freedom and independence of the Fatherland; so that our people may be enabled to fulfill the mission assigned to it by the Creator." - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Vol. 1 Chapter 8

    "Thus inwardly armed with confidence in God and the unshakable stupidity of the voting citizenry, the politicians can begin the fight for the 'remaking' of the Reich as they call it." - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf Vol. 2 Chapter 1

    "I believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator." - Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Vol. 1 Chapter 2
    And BTW: My latest comment in the thread wasn't directed at you. There are a few pro-choice people I can respect and hold a reasonable conversation with, but the vast majority of people on here use ridiculous arguments that get me mad. You don't tend to do that.
    I'll send you a PM in a couple days when I'm less busy. I'm actually curious how you interpret a few passages on the issue. But I'm too busy to discuss it ATM.
    And where do you get Salvation by being good from? I am curious about that. I am also curious about your opinion on the epically long post I made a couple of pages ago defending Salvation by faith.

    Why does Christ say "He who believes is not condemned, but he who does not believe is condemned already," if the unbelieving are not condemned?

    How was the thief saved if works-Salvation is true.
    I never said he was only Romanian. I said he was 50% Romanian. Maybe if you could stop freaking out you would have read that.
    That is a stupid romanian propaganda, if you read something else than Wikipedia, you'll know, he was not only romanian, just partly, and the whole Hunyadi family were HUNGARIAN. I only hope that you won't put Szent István to slovakian civ, for example, after this. Or Nagy Imre, to russian, or Kossuth Lajos, to austrian. I know civilization 4 is a non-fact game, but at this point everybody must be historical. And history says: HUNYADI JÁNOS WAS/IS/WILL HUNGARIAN and transylvania too. The whole madness is becouse of The Treatment of Trianon. :( Just think about a France in 5 parts. This is what we live now, just now in Hungary. :(
    Oh, Hunyadi Mátyás was ROMANIAN TOO?! :lol: That's funny.
    Sorry, but Hunyadi János was magyar! He was NEVER Romanian, AND I won't let to anybody to say that!
    You should read some history before make a romanian mod, with hungarians in it!
    I hope you won't say to me that the Principality of Transylvania was a Romania too! :lol:

    But, really sorry for that F. I was only confused about the false use of my leaderhead. :(
    I just downloaded the CIV4 Civilization pack called NormanSicily. I'd like yo know how to install it,
    i'm kinda lost.
    Sorry for the trouble.
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