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  • Oops. Forgot the avatar. You seem to really like it, so why not taking it. Take it!
    I tend to change avatars quite often, somewhat hinting my erratic/hyperactive behaviour I guess.
    Hello, I have read your comment about how bad and merciless crashes can be, especially at moments that have the least impact how differently you replayed. I have to give right on the fact replaying slightly differently on the 13 last turns is such a bummer to receive a refusal.
    In the process, let's think a space race game where I have to wait like 5 last turns before end and I did a different build order, does that mean an exclusion? Hell no! That is ridiculous, but I know beforehand I will have my game thrashed like it was nothing.

    Just my little comment to support you.

    BTW, you said you like my last avatar; do you want it? I never reuse an older avatar.
    And it doesn't have to do with the movie, it was a fanart from a fan of Portal games.
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