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    Tech tree for a mod

    Hi, oddtail, I stumbled across your thread and found it quite impressive. I did find that some of the connections were somewhat confusing to me, though. Here's the list. FYI: I often have trouble grasping concepts and reasons, so I'll probably knock off half (or more!) of these off the list once...
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    The Drama of Man

    @ Arexander: Out of curiosity, exactly what story would you be referring to? I've read one of Helmlings masterful works, and I'd love to check out this one you speak of.
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    Concept: CiV's 2nd expansion - Thrive And Prosperity - 3. Growing Settlements

    I love this idea, my only beef with it is that this drastically devalues Mines, Farms, Tall Cities, and Great Person improvements.
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    AW's Minor Nitpicks Mod Collection

    Out of curiosity, what's the Quecha replacement for the Inca do? (I'd check it out in-game to avoid bothering you, but I don't got Inca DLC). Can't wait to try out the other mods! I'm especially looking forward to Egypt Rebuilt with the Future Tech. Thanks again AW.
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    TECH Errors Corrected Heuristically

    @Unicivilized:Would you care to talk about that a bit more? You've piqued my interest, and it'd be handy to have a back-up connection reason.
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    AW's Minor Nitpicks Mod Collection

    Thanks again, AW, you're really generous doing this. Keep up the great work!
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    AW's Minor Nitpicks Mod Collection

    If you're willing to do 2,3,5, and 6, I will think you're the awesomest thing since BNW. :D As a clarification, can #6 apply to both World and National Wonders? Again, thanks for looking at my posts, I really appreciate you doing this for us non-modders.
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    AW's Minor Nitpicks Mod Collection

    Alright. I really am sorry about my previous posts. But here's some that I think aren't UI-style mods. Submarines can't torpedo through land. See Battleships get an extra LoS (I hate that Caravels got a longer LoS) Scout --> Scout...
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    AW's Minor Nitpicks Mod Collection

    Well, thanks for giving it to me straight, I really appreciate it. :) Do you think that there might be a simple way to make Great People choose-able? ie, I can decide between Socrates and Einstein for a Great Scientist? Or does that fall into the same category as my previous suggestion? :sad:
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    AW's Minor Nitpicks Mod Collection

    I'm not sure how easily this modification could be done, or if it's even possible. I have very little modding experience. But here goes. . . Change Great Works Display area so that: The frame is colored, different colors mean different type of Great Work (Writing, Art, Artifact, Music)...
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    TECH Errors Corrected Heuristically

    @Gilgamesch: I've been inspired in part thanks to the Community Call to Power Mod, the Civ IV Caveman 2 Cosmos concept, Beyond the Future, the Prehistoric Mod, and a bit of Beyond Earth (which is looking about as good as a Mod :)) @PawelS: I very much agree, Religion to Education makes sense...
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    TECH Errors Corrected Heuristically

    After seeing some mods that monkeyed with the tech tree, I decided that I would like to correct some of the glaring defects and oddities in the tech tree, as well as extend it both back into prehistory, and on into the Future. Archery --> Wheel? Printing Press --> Metallurgy? Internet without...
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    Great Work UI Tweaks

    A valid alternative may be to not do shapes of any sort, leaving everything as squares, and keep the civilization symbols to indicate origin of the Great Work. We could use the border to identify the type of Great Work by color, one color for each, Art, Artifacts, Writings, Music, and my...
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    Various Changes

    Are there ways to mod the game to allow the following? List Great People (name, turn, and use) in the notification log Dynamically rename Religious Beliefs based on the culture adopting the practice, Poseidon vs. Oceanus, say? Adviser Images Choose which name of Great Person you get. Sometimes I...
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