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  • Hey, did you randomly disappear for awhile and then reappear?

    I remember you being part of the black-and-white mafia with me, ace99, etc.
    ESV and NASB are generally considered to be 95+% WORD FOR WORD, only translating thought for thought when the greek grammar would be absolutely unreadable in English. These translations are far newer than the Catholic Church.

    I guess the thing is, while you and I both believe in free will, you believe in it at the expense of God's soveregn control. I believe both can coexist.
    So do you accept the teachings of Jesus as authoritative? Because if so we may have a common ground to work with. I don't think Jesus teachings as recorded in Scripture can possibly be reconciled with any form of deism.

    As for a loving God, I have no disagreement with that, what we disagree on is how that love works.
    The thread is becoming highjacked so I will stop this, needless to say I believe in a much more liberal line of Christianity that believes in a God who is a bit more just than to sentence everyone to hell because they dont believe the random christian who talks to them because two hypothetical humans irked him thousands of years ago.

    Just because I'm curious, what type of Christianity do you hold too?
    I wonder if Celtic auto-subscribes to threads or not. If he does, he must be lurking in an awful lot of threads he's 'graced' with a single-line, allegedly-telling post.
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