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  • It's a bit of a long shot and you probably will end up getting dogpiled by people who hate you, but I'm doing a new NES that's aiming to be a better version of Starlife's old thing and you should consider playing. But no being mean to other players OOC and no all lowercase. :p
    The #HotSportsTakes columns are one of my favorite things about Troll Tuesdays. :lol:
    You caught me shortly before leaving for class. :undecide: You could just PM me the lines along which you're thinking, or you could text me after about 1600 when I get out of class and start wasting time before my evening lecture.
    Last one was the one about the Dutch player from two days ago, which I didn't really know how to respond to.
    No, I've just been going to sleep on a normal schedule. Didn't notice anything from you when I woke up this morning. What's up?
    Hi Kraz. Haven't seen you around in a while. I'm sincerely hoping you still plan on participating in Jade Moon. The Qáhiriyüns are going to be a fun and versatile house to play.
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