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  • No one has wrote on this wall in a millennia. I thought I should change that and say Hi. Thank you for joining my NES :)
    Sure. Go ahead and make a nation or city-state proposal, if you have time. I will look at it and see if I can either, 1. Mesh your group and polity somehow, or 2. If I end up needing another polity, I can use yours (if you don't mind what you're playing as to be up in the air for now).
    Apology offered. Sorry Kyzark. Lol.
    Gonna see what we need most. We need some kind of spray and pray is what I am going to say now. (not exactly, but we do need some squad cover)
    Hey. In DoomNES do you want someone to play Arnold? I was thinking of a mid range medic kind of guy. But if you do, what do you want (a bit?)
    my Buddhist monks will kick the crap out of your Hunnish hordes if you set an aggressive foot inside Nepal. They have nukes
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