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  • The Think Tank? The Research Monkeys? Oh God, Not Them, Anyone But Those Rancid Vomit-Riddled Pigscrotes? The list goes on. =]
    Thanks! It took me almost an hour... Now how do I scale that 400x200-ish image to something that works on 1600x1000 (or whatever leaderhead resolution is?)
    So I have to be incredibly precise with lasso select to define the region which I put the 50% transparency over, or can I just use rectangle/ellipse select?
    If you could give me an idea as to how to turn a statue into a leaderhead I would be very grateful indeed.
    Thanks! If I ever return to Civ modding (CivBE might help; Space Shimazu, anyone?), I'll try to create a better Konishi leaderhead than the current reused Dutch one.
    Where did you find that Konishi artwork, by the way? It looks like it could be the foundations for a leaderhead (if I had the time nowadays...)
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