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learner gamer
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Jul 19, 2017
Sep 4, 2009
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learner gamer


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Jul 19, 2017
    1. Zx Zero Zx
      Zx Zero Zx
      Yep, he realized after Doshin did exactly what I said he should do that it was indeed much much better, and re did it. He had to try, and make himself feel better after he realized that the map was very easy indeed, and you could settle peacefully for Cuirs.
    2. Zx Zero Zx
      Zx Zero Zx
      I think your shadow is invalidated, he didn't stay small, and grow his cities at all. Instead he just fast expanded, and abused Cuirs like he said he wouldn't. Not sure why he did this when he said he didn't want to, but oh well.
    3. Um the Muse
      Um the Muse
      Is that link on your sig to your Youtube channel? I think you had some really good tutorials on there. I've only watched a couple of them so far, but it looks like impressive work; good job!
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