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Jan 24, 2020 at 8:12 PM
Aug 23, 2009
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心の怪盗団, Male, from Leblanc

Leoreth was last seen:
Jan 24, 2020 at 8:12 PM
    1. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      Ben proposed it should only be the posts, and then lock comments after it. It would look better?
    2. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      Hey Leoreth, if I made a new Thread Index, could you sticky and lock it and remove the other thread?
    3. hobbsyoyo
      Well I know that you know that I know that you know how awesonesauce Into Darkness is. ;)
    4. hobbsyoyo
      You have to stop being so easy to troll. :p
    5. SouthernKing
      Gah, I keep thinking you're Dachs and have the instinct to brace myself before reading your posts :(
    6. Manco Capac
      Manco Capac
      Liked the older avatar than this avatar's avatar.
    7. mrrandomplayer
      Sorry to double post, but someone is being a flaming troll towards me in the DoC Member Elimination thread, could you do something about it? Also, how do I add more than one scenario to RFC?
    8. mrrandomplayer
      Is there an equivalent of DynamicCivs.py in regular RFC that has all of the Dynamic Names and leaders? If not, where would I change that in RFC? Also, where do I add conditional spawns in regular RFC?
    9. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      Have you read Machiavelli? My favorite Renaissance author.
    10. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      “I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me. Like the bodiless heads you see sometimes in circus sideshows, it is as though I have been surrounded by mirrors of hard, distorting glass. When they approach me they see only my surroundings, themselves or figments of their imagination, indeed, everything and anything except me.”
    11. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      My favorite novel is Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man. That book can spend 30-50 pages on one thought process and make you think about the world upside down.
      Have you heard of it?
    12. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      Nah, I'll look into it though.
    13. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      I love Richard Feynman. My favorite quote from him is, "because it’s the way nature works...You don’t like it… go somewhere else! To another universe! Where the rules are simpler, philosophically more pleasing, more psychologically easy."
    14. mrrandomplayer
      Another quick question, sorry! I want to make Italy's new UP +25% when fighting in Italy after 1820 (or maybe after discovering Nationalism). How would I do that, and where?
    15. mrrandomplayer
      Where do you find the list of numbers for civs in DoC? I want to change Italy's number from whatever it is now to 38 (because I'm moving the spawn to 1415).
    16. AtlantaMarty
    17. Royal Tenenbaum
      Royal Tenenbaum
      Under Thread Index (which you should sticky =P) look under Off-Topic and click on Why Scotland cannot be a Civilization. I think you'll be amused :).
    18. hobbsyoyo
      Congrats on the modship!
    19. Nintz
      Another mod, eh? Congrats on the position.

      Though I can tell I'm not the first to say so. :p
    20. Quackers
      Oh no, you're a junior mod?! My commiserations.

      Uhmm, it would probably be best if you forgot about our murky past. I'm already in the bad books of several mods :(
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    "If you don't pick rock, you don't understand the meta" - Dan "Artosis" Stemkowski

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