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  • I have no idea what this condition is. Seriously, Google just turns up infant skull deformities and flat-head syndrome. It's possible I'll need extensive surgery, or just non-invasive corrections. Either way, I doubt I can simply live with it (puts me at risk of stroke for sure).
    Update on eye problem: the decongestants were confirmation bias, it wasn't my sinuses. As it turns out, the entire right half of my skull is shifted backwards by about a centimeter- the eye is actually the only thing in the right place. Getting a CT scan on Monday.

    So.. probably not good news, but at least I don't have cancer!
    Can you please remove the link to "The Great Doc UHV v 1.12 challenge" and add a link to "The Great Doc UHV v 1.13 challenge" in the "Forum Thread Index" thread?
    "Current Activity: Viewing Thread Why have Communist Countries Killled so Many of their own Citizens?"

    I knew it! The capitalist propagandists have gotten in your head!
    Could you remove the RD status from my thread Discussion of Manga? I placed it there expecting a reaction that never materialized, but it seems that the thread is not a magnet for the type of flaming I thought I would get, and therefore does not deserve RD status.
    Here's the link in case you decide to remove RD status. Thank you for taking the time.
    The bulging is a bit better after taking decongestants, so it was likely a sinus problem. I'm doing OK.
    Senior mod now? Maybe more time has passed than I thought, but you'll be running the site in few years at that pace.
    I've played your mod for two years now, and I can safely say, it is my favourite civ mod of all time and I hope you know how grateful I am for all the effort and time you've put into this gem. Thanks for everything.
    Hey, I just wanted to more personally thank you for the amazing mod you made. You've done so, so much just on your own initiative and I'm grateful. I won't be bothering you with more suggestions because I think you've nearly perfected a game.
    Keep posting in my math threads. I need help cause #economy down will (dis)prove Riemann for food
    The save I posted about Russia SVN 962 has bug. If you fix the bug, could you make two commits, one compatible with SVN962, so that I can post the victory in the challegne thread?
    Greetings. So I've been away for a while. What's new in the BUG World? Who's moderating it now?
    I was around sporadically at the end of last year and ended up taking 4 months off to get caught up on work and stuff.

    I'm tempted to start visiting your fan threads a bit more often. :D
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