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    My cat is flushing the toilet again and other weird animal tales.

    We made the mistake with my little kitten of letting her drink water out of my glass when i was sitting on the couch with it. She now thinks that she is entitled to water out of a glass. Even if i pour it in her bowl with her watching it isnt as good somehow. Has to be from a glass.
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    Poll - Age Old Question Evolution or Creation

    I know i am late to this forum and this discussion...but i just wanted to add one thing that occured to me as i was reading this rather lengthly thread. As FL2 already responded that the earth as a whole was covered with water and so whether or not Everest was covered with 20 fathoms was...
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    People I would like to put in Concentration Camps

    As one of Jehovah's Witnesses....I find your post both offensive and disturbing. What have we ever done to you? Ok, I understand maybe you dont agree with the fact that we will come to your door and try to preach to you about what we believe. Is that it? Well, think of it this way. Our...
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    Is there any way to make Spearmen defend instead of Swordsmen?

    I love Civ III but here's yet another thing Alpha Centauri has in it's favor. Anyone remember the "designate defender" command? Awesome function from an awesome game.
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    Drop The Bomb Incinerate Them All

    Wow, I have to admit I agree that human history is rife with was and struggle...but i find your bloodthirstyness both disturbing and not a little discourging in terms of hope that the human race could ever live peacefully. I dont know if your comment was meant in some form of sarcastic humor...
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    Civ3 GOTM #1 *Spoiler* talks

    Well, i lost about 20 turns worth of building time to the coruption thing, sigh. I drove south early with a force of Immortals and took many Aztec cities and then drove the Babylonians off the center island and eventually killed them. All without Iron in the 2nd half of the war i might...
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