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  • Just got back on. Accepted once I read through all the stuff, including Realpoltik, AND getting claims up.
    IOT - Just send me a list of the claims you want, in order of priority, and I'll assign them as the updates come. :) The actual update won't come for quite a few hours, as I'm waiting on the two Koreas.
    (Realpolitik) What does the Opposition strength need to be like for each of their powers?
    I saw it when i checked out your profile and Cull suggested. I think i will check it out when i have time. Sounds like my kind of game :D. I was actually thinking about creating my own realpolitik on warlords earth 18, but with WB changes. Im not going to start it unless i think it has a chance of not dying like Ilduces though.

    Great! I cant wait to see what happens!
    I managed to get stuck with North Korea after volunteering to be the North or Omega's South.
    Yeah, that's true. All the good stuff in IOT has been taken, and most of the good land in terms of land/population/GDP/interest level have already been taken. Tailess seems to be on the path on creating a more structured IOT, so check on the Forum Games section once in and a while.
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