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Oct 9, 2014
Sep 14, 2007
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Oct 9, 2014
    1. Tyo
      Awesome. Also, welcome back.
    2. Double A
      Double A

      Possibly for the second time!
    3. Jwitti
      Thank you much
    4. Jwitti
      Yes, I still need help with the sushi thing..
    5. J. pride
      J. pride
      Wow, I never realized it. Updating right now! So what exactly is included?
    6. J. pride
      J. pride
      "Never mind, incoming update." ~Linkman

      I just noticed that you replied that there was an incoming update thus I asked how soon?
    7. J. pride
      J. pride
      How soon are we talking about?
    8. Leoreth
      Pavillion is still in because I didn't throw it out. And the Mausoleum is still the Mughal UB. Is there any problem with that?
    9. Leoreth
      I don't see any reason to change what works for me ;) I use Notepad++ mainly for text searching anyway.
    10. Leoreth
      Currently nothing for the Manchu, it's hard to get them into the game in a historical fashion. And I'm using both Notepad and Notepad++, depending on what I'm doing at the moment.
    11. Leoreth
      Mainly because it only drags them down in the upkeep and therefore research category.
    12. _random_
      Pro-life progressives represent.
    13. J. pride
      J. pride
      Linkman, How is your schedule looking? If you are busy in the near future and still plan on coming back in December or do you plan on updating? The reason I am asking is not to pressure or anything like that, just so I have an idea of your schedule :)
    14. Double A
    15. Double A
      Double A
      Yeah pretty much.
    16. J. pride
      J. pride
      Linkman, I have a slight problem. It will take me a bit longer than expected to get the maps. Also it would help if you could merge with the latest version of DOC since India and Indonesia have been modified and new civs added. I don't want to touch places like like India, China and South East Asia until you have updated them since it can potentially cause conflict.
    17. Leoreth
      It's over tCoreAreas in Consts.py, I've written an interface function for that so I can access it in the DLL.
    18. J. pride
      J. pride
      Thanx, btw I will try to post the Map changes asap over the weekend.
    19. aronnax
      Linkman, you really should edit your post in the justify thread. Circumventing banned words is not allowed.
    20. J. pride
      J. pride
      1) Sure, when do u need this by.

      2) How bout next Friday/Saturday then.

      For 1, I was thinking why don't you do it step by step. I will post changes chrologically one civ at a time, you can then approve or disapprove and make the necessary changes. So it will be in this order Arabs, Egyptians, Seljuks, Mongols, Ottoman and lastly the Safavids. So tomorrow I will post all the changes required for the Arabs and then you decide what you have to do. After ur done, you can upload an svn and we can start with the next civ. This is a lot better than me lumping everything in one post as u will not overwhelmed and will be thoroughly able to analyze what yo do and don't want in ur mod.
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