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Lone Wolf
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  • I like your rules for selectively representing religious texts. Sadly, I think that every instance there is not only true, but has been used many times.
    Hi Lone Wolf,

    Thanks! It was great fun. Still playing with Civ 5. There's problems, but it's still enjoyable.
    Hey Lonewolf, I love your modmod combining RFC and Varietas Delectat. Best idea for a modmod, ever. Unfortunately, there's a couple of bug fixes that need to be made unless I have an older version.

    Like to hear from you so I can play the best modmod ever!!!
    Eh, a remote possibility existed; the Ottomans weren't as strong as they looked.

    it was pretty remote though
    why'd you pick the sucky Ioannes :(

    Tzmiskes, Komnenos, and Doukas Vatatzes were all superior
    don't go away for long LoneWolf
    I still remember when you were a liberal guitarist and a moony. You are my role-model!
    Обнимиииии меня на прощание
    Come on baby don't be fake!
    For extra amusement drop the tells and go full on Russian nationalist for us.
    Yep. It is after him. I read the full book when I was 13 and like the sound of his name which is pretty unique.
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