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    I just stumbled about this thread. It is going on for years already and very interesting! I just cannot love Civilization IV. I tried it. I got two or three computers/notebooks in the time, and somehow the graphics feel wrong. The leaderheads, the animations, and the map scrolling do not look...
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    Which Browser do you mainly use?

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    How long will Homo Sapiens last?

    I will give you the money for a free beer if you live long enough to get your lifespan extended to 300. :)
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    Favourite darwin award?

    A german actress was run over by a car while carrying a hedgehog over a road at night. She stopped her car and carried the hedgehog over, then a car got her. The hedgehog was not harmed. I found this so funny. She was so young, bright... said the media... and got killed while carrying a...
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    What coffee machine do you recommend

    I am glad that I got at least one serious answer.
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    The Most Beautiful Word in the English Language

    Why is cellar door so beatiful? :)
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    How long will Homo Sapiens last?

    Happy news for everyone. You will probably be long dead before the end of humankind.
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    What coffee machine do you recommend

    Let me ask you again, what type of coffee machine are you using? Can you recommend a certain model? I am also very interested in coffee pod machines.
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    What coffee machine are you using?

    I just wonder... if you have a coffee machine at all, and if you do, what model? :)
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    Gamers beware

    People simply do not want a educational game where they help a grandmother over the road. They want more excitement, and GTA is giving them what they want. It is about fun, not about learning how to become a better person. :)
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    Gamers beware

    I would like to point out the GTA is basically allowing to do things you could not do in real life: Drive like crazy, shoot people with guns, be a pimp and have a wealthy estate, fly helicopters and bash the police. Evil things indeed, but I guess I enjoy them because I am not going to be...
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    Haliburton serve outdated food to US soldiers in Iraq

    The quality of an army is indirectly proportional to the quality of its food. The romans only ate something similar to oatmeal gruel... they were a fearsome army indeed! :) Also, the beasts in the arenas were also given little and bad food. Makes them sharper. ;)
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    Why does Al Qaeda hate us?

    First FALSE statement: They hate freedom I know, to an American freedom is everything. It contains so much that it has become a hollow, pathetic phrase to some point. But why should muslims hate freedom? Let us be more precise what they HATE: They hate our lax treatment of...
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    The Face of Heaven : A Friend Who Cares

    Congratulations, and also a warning: Do not think too highly of her, things like that are more likely to be a projection of your wishes than reality. GIRLS = EVIL.
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