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    Peaceful Builder goes to war suggestions

    Basic "Win an early war" path. Beeline to bronzeworking, chop a settler for your second city next to copper. Connect traderoute, and start building axemen. This works great for me on Monarch, as the AI will have only a couple archers, and his border cities might not even have any culture...
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    About submarines

    I have found them to be underwhelming too. If a unit cannot see them, it should not even be able to fight back. And yet they die, seemingly, very easy to things that cannot even position them. Being able to scout coastal cities might be valuable, depending. I have used them to keep an eye on...
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    Do you build your cities at the "blue circles"?

    I had heard (true or not I do not know) that the AI places those circles with foreknowledge of resources you may not see yet. I do not let the circles dictate to me any longer, but if my placement was next to one, I often will switch to the circle, thinking that the AI may know something I...
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    Can you use the EARTH map with any civ?

    Yes, if you want total control of the game options, you need to start a CUSTOM GAME instead of PLAY NOW. You can pick any civ on any map. I haven't tried to rename units, so I can't help with that one.
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    'It's too Crowded!'

    It is even more entertaining to whip the ones clammoring for freedom. It heartens me to see that they cannot forget my cruel oppression. Well I would hope not! I spent 4 years in evil dictator school...
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    Praetorians Imbalanced

    Caesar has quite good traits for a domination victory. And of course a potent UU to help him get there, at just about one of the best times for rapid expansion. It must be difficulty differences, but expansive is much more valuable than most seem to allow it. Expansive, when combined with a...
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    Razing or Keeping Cities?

    To raze or not to raze- Can you afford another city? If not, I raze it. Does the city suck? If it does, does it at least have good cultural location (will absorb lots of area to prevent future building). If it sucks, and doesn't absorb territory, I raze it. Does it have some other, non-specific...
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    Do people use slavery

    It is possible to get too attached to the whip.
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    Marathon's impact on your early tech choices

    That is the game speed issue. Those that prefer speeds like Marathon, enjoy being 'stuck' within certain eras, and having to deal with your situation in them. It tends to make you stand out for longer periods if you research into a weapon tech faster than the AI... the advantage lasts a little...
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